Top 5 Best Fertility Monitors

Fertility monitors are important tools for improving your chances of getting pregnant. By tracking your ovulation cycle, the best fertility monitors help accurately identify your most fertile days, optimizing your chances of conception.

Utilized as an electronic device, fertility monitors can analyze the changes in hormone levels, basal body temperature, or the electrical resistance of saliva and vaginal fluid to increase your awareness of fertility and ovulation.

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Most fertility monitors are adequate in assisting the chances of conception, but there are a few brand fertility monitors that are top quality and accurate, maximizing the effectiveness of letting you know when the best time for you to conceive is. Here are the top 5 best-rated fertility monitors to choose from:

1. Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor

clearblue fertility monitorClearblue Fertility Monitor is a #1 recommended brand by professionals. By identifying three times more fertile days for the user compared to traditional ovulation tests, Clearblue takes fertility awareness to the next level.

This product is an electric hand-held fertility device that analyzes a woman’s cycle to detect the two essential ovulation hormones: the luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen. Identifying these hormones allows the device to monitor the woman’s two peak fertility days as well as an additional 1-5 days of heightened fertility, giving women a broad range of overall fertility awareness.

Suitable for women with both regular and irregular cycles, this fertility monitor is completely natural and non-invasive, making it safe and easy to administer. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor includes 30 test sticks in its package, and it boasts a 99% accuracy rate in detecting hormonal surges.

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2. Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

ladyblue fertility monitorVE Valley-Electronic offers the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor as one of the top choices in fertility monitors today. Developed and manufactured in Germany, this fertility monitor is highly valued and recommended.

It comes with a computer programmed with anywhere from 700,000 cycles, which allows it to sense and accurately analyze women’s cycles. With an impressive 99.3% accuracy rate, this fertility monitor captures the woman’s basal body temperature to determine the peak fertility before, during, and after ovulation and stores the user’s data for each day.

The fertility monitor is completely natural and provides easy analysis of the woman’s ovulation cycle by retaining ovulation data and results to further enhance its accuracy. This product is precise and easy to use, indicating a red light for fertility and green light for infertility to easily track and plan ovulation.

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3. KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility

knowwhenKNOWHEN offers its saliva-monitoring ovulation device to analyze and track fertility. This product aims to predict fertility cycles accurately and efficiently by simply using a single drop of saliva each morning to monitor a woman’s ovulation cycle to determine the best five days of the ovulation cycle that are optimal for conception.

KNOWEN’s fertility monitor has a 98% clinically proven accuracy rate and is more effective than ovulation test strips. Women can also track their daily ovulation test results using the personal ovulation mobile app that comes included with the monitor.

It also comes with an educational CD and a fertility calendar that is great for providing more information on how to efficiently track your ovulation cycle and get pregnant quick.

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4. OvaCue Mobile: Electronic Fertility Monitor

ovacueOvaCue Mobile offers an advanced electronic fertility monitor that provides easy and efficient sensors, and it can be connected to your smartphone or iPad for convenient tracking of test results.

OvaCue predicts the fertility days of your cycle by offering up to a 7-day advanced notice of ovulation, using its adaptor, oral sensor, and vaginal sensor to accurately predict fertility. It is compatible with all iOS devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S6, making it a highly technologically advanced fertility monitor with additional convenience.

OvaCue uses advanced technology by analyzing detections in changes of electrolyte concentration in the saliva and cervica mucus to interpret and predict accurate fertility days of the cycle, allowing for a mess-free way to test your fertility without having to use test sticks or urine tests. This product is top quality for women looking to conceive, and it works for both regular and irregular cycles.

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5. Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope

fertile focus fertility monitorFertile Focus provides a top-notch, yet affordable saliva fertility monitor that predicts fertility days with professional accuracy. All it needs is a drop of saliva to accurately determine ovulation cycles and levels of high fertility.

Its 60x magnification lens makes it incredibly easy to use and determine the areas of peak fertility, presenting a distinctive crystal “ferning” pattern in the saliva test brought on by hormonal changes to determine ovulation.

The tests are provided in clarity and accuracy so that you are able to confidently see when you’re about to ovulate, and the monitor is completely reusable, which allows you to test yourself anytime for results in just five minutes.

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When trying to get pregnant, it is important to take advantage of the prime fertile windows of opportunity in order to ensure success in conception. Missing these days can significantly lower your chances of pregnancy, requiring you to wait until your next cycle.

Purchasing one of these top-notch, proven accurate fertility monitors can help track and predict your ovulation cycle, determining the days of peak fertility so that you know when your best chances of getting pregnant are.

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