Why Irregular Menstrual Cycle Occurs

There are many reasons why a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes irregular. But one thing’s for sure – this is a very common scenario. Many women suffer from irregular menstrual cycle and not all of them are bothered about it.

The ones who are would normally go to a doctor to seek assistance. But the question is, what really causes this issue and how can it be addressed? Read on to know more.

Irregular menstrual cycle, more often than not, is caused by hormonal changes. Any shift in the hormone balance of a woman may lead to irregular cycles. And such irregularity comes with symptoms of its own.

Some women claim that they have delayed periods while others have missed them altogether. In months, menstruation seems extremely heavy while in others, only spotting is involved. All of these are signs that you suffer from irregular menstrual cycle.

Generally speaking, such a condition along with all its corresponding symptoms, are considered benign. In certain instances, they can even be regarded as normal. However, it is still advisable for a woman who is bothered by her irregular period to go and see a doctor for proper precaution.

Additionally, cutting on the factors that induces hormonal imbalance, which eventually causes irregularity
in the menstrual cycle, should be observed.

The most common reasons why women suffer from irregular menstrual cycle are poor nutrition, smoking, too much caffeine, use of prohibited drugs, over-exercising, significant change in weight, alcohol addiction, and increased stress.

There are also certain medical conditions that may lead to irregular menstrual cycle. These are, among others, abnormalities related to the uterus, polycystic ovarian syndrome, miscarriage, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the use of certain medications.

With proper therapy, one’s irregular periods may become regular again. Just follow the medications of your doctor and the necessary precautions to keep you on the safe side. For some women, the condition corrects itself naturally. On others, supplements may be required to regain hormonal balance.

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