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You can gather a lot of information about how your baby will look and act when they grow up by the way they look and act right now. Some babies will have completely different hair color or even eye color after just a few years. However, one aspect of their adulthood that you can often predict when they are a baby is their height.

If the mother of the child is very short and the father is very tall, what kind of height will that child be when they are 18 years old?

This is something that you can try and predict using the many online calculators and tools available for free. Read on to find out how these height predictors work or scroll down and try our free height predictor.

How Do Child Height Predictors Work

So how exactly do you try and predict your baby’s height? Most online calculators use the same criteria to estimate a prediction.

First, you’ll need to tell the calculator whether your baby is a boy or a girl. This is because boys and girls will typically have very different growth patterns and girls typically end up shorter than most men.

The next factors you need to enter include the height of the baby’s mother and the baby’s father. Some calculators also require other information, like your current age.
Once you’ve entered all your information, you can press a button and the calculator will go to work and you’ll see a prediction for how tall your baby will be when they grow up.

Most tools will provide an estimate between a certain foot and height number. They may also give you the height that your child will most likely be.

You can use our free online tool below to try and predict your baby’s height or you can try and work it out yourself. In fact, some medical researchers say you can often get a good estimation of how tall your child will be by doubling the height of your baby when they are about 2 years old.

Height Predictor Tool

Mother’s height:feetinches
Father’s height:feetinches


How Accurate Are These Results

According to research your baby has a 68% chance of being within two inches and a 95% chance of being within four inches of the above predicted height. Of course, there are always many factors that will affect your child’s growth, and therefore the height they will be in adulthood.

Some key factors include their genes, but also their health, diet, environment and even childhood injuries.

Not getting enough of key nutrients when they are a baby or young child are common causes for reduced height in adulthood. The nourishment they received in the womb can also play a role. Whether the mother had a good or bad diet or used alcohol or drugs can also affect a child’s height.

While using these methods to predict your baby’s height can be fun, it’s important to note that this tool just provide a rough estimate and should not be considered scientifically accurate.

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