Tips on How To Conceive a Girl

Are you looking for tips on how to conceive a girl? If so, the information in this article can be very helpful for you. Everyone has one wish when they are trying to conceive and this is always to have a healthy baby.

However, there are others like yourself who has another wish and would want to know how to increase their chances of getting a baby of a particular gender.


There are many reasons why most people have preferences when they are thinking of having a baby. For some, they want their second child to be of another gender while others just want to have a particular gender since they have always been dreaming of a little girl or boy.

The reasons are numerous but the methods or ways of making this dream a reality are limited. Obviously, the main priority for most women would be to give birth to a healthy child that they can love, regardless of the gender.

However, one cannot disagree or argue with the fact that humans always have preferences. Regardless of your reason for wanting a girl baby, there are a few methods that you can try to increase your chances.

Now, before we look at these methods, it is very important to mention that none of them is a definite guarantee for a girl baby conception. However, you will definitely get help to conceive a girl and make your dream come true.

Tips on How to Conceive a Girl

Traditional Methods: Many people have strong beliefs in astrology, so they usually feel that you can conceive a girl on a particular month. Some might have gotten what they want from this, but there are always others who feel more comfortable with the scientific methods.

Right Time: It is very important to know when is the absolute best time for you to get pregnant with a baby girl. It’s been said that you should engage in sexual intercourse about three to four days prior to the start of your ovulation as this will be the best time if you are trying to have a girl.

The reasoning behind this is that the sperms which carry X chromosomes or the ones responsible for a girl baby, are much stronger than the sperms which carry Y chromosomes or the responsible for a boy baby.

The male chromosomes would die by the time when the egg would be ready to collect the sperm, and this will increase the chances of getting pregnant with a girl. You should avoid having sex on the day of ovulation or the day after. [1]

Create an Environment that is Acidic: Male chromosomes cannot survive in an environment that is highly acidic, but the alkaline climate would be ideal for it. So, it’s best for the female to engage in sexual intercourse without having an orgasm to avoid having an alkaline environment. [2]

Whenever a female is about to have an orgasm, the alkalinity within the area will increase and thereby increasing the chances to have a boy baby. On the other hand, avoiding it can help you to have a girl baby. [3]

Sexual Position: You will find this in many tips on how to conceive a girl. It’s been said that the missionary position is best when engaging in intercourse to have a baby girl as it is one of the ways to increase the chances.

This position allows shallow penetration, so the woman’s vagina entrance will be less alkaline. The X chromosomes can survive in a highly acidic environment, but it will be difficult for Y chromosomes. As such, this will increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby girl.

Eat Right: Most women have discovered that eating certain foods have helped them to conceive a baby girl. You should add foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, corn, beans, cranberries, wine, blueberries, and yogurt to the daily diet for you and your partner.

In addition, many believe that women should eat a lot of chocolate when trying to have a girl baby. However, you must make sure that your health is good enough for you to do this, as eating anything in excess can be dangerous for your overall well-being. Besides that, you should avoid these items if you are at risk of having diabetes.

Regardless of the methods that you choose to follow after reading these tips on how to conceive a girl, it is important to remember that any gender baby can be the light of your life.

When all is said and done, you also have to be grateful if you have a healthy pregnancy and baby because everyone is not blessed with the ability to give birth.

Finally, if you want to learn more, there is a great guide on this topic called Pick The Gender of Your Baby by Ashley Spencer. You can check it out here.
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