Mayan Gender Predictor Chart – Another Ancient Gender Prediction Method

mayan calendar
In a time before ultrasounds, gender determination was grounded on speculation rather than scientific truth.

Case in point: people can apparently “tell” whether a woman is having a boy or a girl by the way they are carrying; low for a boy and high for a girl.

Given there were only two gender choices, it wasn’t surprising that many of the guesses proved to be right.

Today, modern technology is a more accurate determiner of a baby’s sex. Although that is the case, many antiquated beliefs in determining the gender of an unborn child still exist – and will likely never disappear.

While delivering a healthy baby is a priority, some mothers-to-be have a secret desire to birth a child of a particular sex.

After all, pregnancy is both a mystery and miracle despite the multitude of science published about it. Plus, some find it a bit entertaining to try and guess the sex of a baby.

One of the gender prediction methods that can be tried was apparently used by one of the most ancient civilizations: the Mayans.

The Mayan Gender Predictor Chart

The Mayan civilization was noted for many things: art, architecture, an astronomical system, a calendar, and mathematics.

Apparently, they also have a chart for predicting the gender of an unborn child. The method is quite simple: take the mother’s age at the time of conception as well as the number of the month of conception.

If both numbers are odd or even, then the child would be a girl. On the other hand, if either number is odd or even, then the expected child is a boy.

Mayan Gender Predictor Chart
Age at ConceptionMonth of ConceptionGender

Here are examples to illustrate the method better:

  • If a mother was 23 years old at the time of conception and she conceived on the month of May, she will have a baby girl. Twenty-three is an odd number, and May is the fifth month, so the combination of two odd numbers results in a female child.
  • If a mother was 26 at the time of conception with June being the conception month, she would have a baby girl. Twenty-six is an even number while June is the sixth month and according to the Mayan gender predictor chart, the combination of two even numbers results in a female child.
  • If a mother was 25 years old when she conceived with conception in the month of October, her child would be a boy. Twenty-five is an odd number while October is the tenth month and an odd-even combination results in a male child.
  • If a mother conceived when she was 28 years old on the month of March, she would have a male child. Twenty-eight is an even number while March is the third month and an even-odd combination, according to the chart, results in a baby boy.

Although there is no scientific evidence for this method, or any other ancient gender prediction method (like Chinese Gender Predictor), some find that there’s no harm in using the method to venture a guess on a baby’s gender.

Gender Determination with Modern Technology

Although science is far more reliable in determining the gender of an unborn child, imaging technology doesn’t produce a 100% result.

However, being able to determine a child’s sex 98% of the time is pretty accurate. It’s important to note that accuracy relies on a number of factors, including:

  • The position of the fetus. A fetus needs to be in an ideal position to get an accurate result. For instance, gender determination is difficult when a child keeps their legs together.
  • The time when the ultrasound was performed. An early ultrasound is not an accurate way to determine a baby’s sex. Ultrasounds carried out at 12 weeks aren’t entirely accurate as external genitalia aren’t fully external yet. A more definitive answer can be had during the 20-week anatomy scan.
  • The presence of multiple babies. When a woman carries twins, triplets, or even more makes gender determination a bit harder as other babies can be hiding their siblings.

Although ultrasounds are still the best way to determine a child’s gender despite not being 100% accurate, there’s nothing stopping mothers from having a bit of fun and trying out some ancient methods like the Mayan gender predictor chart.

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