Best Nursery Blackout Curtains To Keep Out The Light

Is your baby a light sleeper who wakes up immediately once morning sunshine hits their face? Are you having problems blocking the light from their sleeping area? For such situations and similar issues, a blackout curtain can be a great solution.

Proper sleep is essential, especially for infants and kids, and using blackout curtains can be a great way to help your kids sleep better and longer. They can effectively help block out the morning sun, saving them from waking up too early and be sleep deprived.

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Whether it is an undisturbed nap in the day or a long night’s sleep, blackout curtains can minimize disturbances through their noise reducing and light blocking effects.

We’ve listed six of our favorites with three solid options and three fun prints that may help you get the perfect blackout curtains for your child’s nursery.

Our Top Picks

Product NameFabricProduct DimensionsFeaturesPrice
Wontex Blackout Curtains100% Polyester38 x 45 inch (smallest) to 52 x 95 inch (largest) are availableEasy Installation, Soft Fabric, Various Colors Available, Nominal Price, Easy Care

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Nicetown White 100% Blackout Lined Curtains100% Polyester42 x 63 inch (smallest) to 70 x 108 inch (largest) are availableVarious Colors Available, Effective Blackout, Easy to Install, Good Quality, Durable, Inexpensive, Easy Care

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Lemomo Blackout Curtains100% Polyester38 x 54 inch (smallest) to 52 x 108 inch (largest) are availableGood Quality, Smooth Fabric, Easy to Install, Various Colors Available, Affordable

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Hughapy Star Blackout CurtainsPolyester, Polyester Blend42 x 63 inch (smallest) to 52 x 108 inch (largest) are availableUnique Design, Easy to Install, Good Quality, Durable,

Various Colors Available, Thick and Soft Fabric

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Amazon Basics Kids Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Set100% Polyester42 x 63 inch (smallest) to 42 x 84 inch (largest) are availableSoft Material, Thick Fabric, Reasonably Priced, Various Fun Designs Available, Low Maintenance

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Amazon Basics Baby-Kids Window Blackout Curtain Shade100% Polyester50 x 78 inches is available (adjustable)Multiple Designs Available, Travel Friendly, Easy to Install, Soft Thick Fabric, Nominal Price

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Wontex Blackout Curtains

These solid colored blackout curtains are an excellent choice for your kid’s nursery that thousands of buyers swear by due to their outstanding quality and great value. With various colors and sizes available, you can match them to your kid’s nursery decor and choose dimensions according to the area you want them to cover.

The fabric is supple and heavy, and stains can be easily washed out from it, which is a plus if your kids are messy. Moreover, you do not need to worry about installation since it’s very straightforward.

Although lighter colors do not provide complete blackout, they certainly do a great job of darkening the room effectively while blocking 90% of the light. They also make an actual difference in temperature; as one customer says, “I can tell that the temperature in my room isn’t as high as it was in the past with regular curtains.”

Some customers have issues with light coming in from the top, but using a wraparound rod could easily solve this problem while providing added privacy and light blockage. They may also get minor wrinkles from packaging but steaming them could easily help resolve this issue.


  •  Easy to install
  •  Easy to care for
  •  Soft heavy fabric
  •  Great value for money
  •  Stains can be washed out
  •  Large grommet rings can be used with most rods
  •  Available in multiple sizes and colors


  •  Minor wrinkles
  •  90% efficient, but may allow a little light to get through

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Nicetown White 100% Blackout Lined Curtains

These curtains are a superb choice for the nursery, especially if your child has trouble sleeping due to noise or the city lights. They can significantly help improve sleep since they provide complete blackout, even with lighter colors, and help dim outside noise. They are thermal regulated, which helps maintain the temperature while also reducing heat loss and energy costs.

This product is available in a diverse range of sizes and has many solid colors to choose from. It’s made to be durable and offers excellent quality at a reasonable price. Installation is very uncomplicated and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

They aren’t wrinkle-free, so make sure you have a fabric steamer at hand. Light may come in from the sides, but you can efficiently resolve this using thumbtacks or Velcro Sticks to cover the sides.


  •  Multiple colors and sizes are available
  •  Effective blackout, even with light colors
  •  Block heat effectively too
  •  Noise-reducing
  •  High-quality material
  •  Easy to install
  •  Durable
  •  Inexpensive


  •  Not wrinkle-free; may need to be steamed

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Lemomo Blackout Curtains

These trendy, super high-quality blackout curtains from Lemomo are perfect if you are looking for something basic and sleek for your kid’s nursery. Many customers rave about their top-notch quality and smooth, heavy fabric.

There are a variety of solid-colored options as well as 12 sizes that you can select from. This way, there’s something for everyone, whatever your nursery’s color theme or required dimensions. Darker colors provide true blackout, while lighter ones are a bit less effective.

Many customers noted significant temperature differences since they effectively help keep the cold as well as the heat out, being thermal regulated. They provide great value for money and are also fairly easy to install.


  •  Affordable
  •  Very good quality
  •  Thermal regulated
  •  Thick and smooth fabric
  •  Simple installation
  •  Available in many colors and sizes


  •  Lighter colors do not provide 100% blackout

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Hughapy Star Light Blocking Curtains for Girls Bedroom

If you want a blackout curtain for your little girl’s nursery with an attractive design, the Hughaphy Star curtains could be great for you. There are a variety of color combinations and six sizes available that you can select from. This makes it easy to match them to the color palette of the nursery.

The star cutouts make for a unique design and add a dreamy effect by allowing some light to shine through them. They are made out of polyester blends and are of exceptional quality. The fabric is meant to be durable and helps prevent light from penetrating through. It is thick and very soft, with the fabric being more supple than you would expect.

The only downside to this is that it’s overpriced; you might think they would supply two panels for the cost, but there’s only a single panel currently for the price. So as long as you’re ready to splurge, this is a wonderful choice.


  •  Fascinating design
  •  Super easy installation
  •  Very soft fabric
  •  Good quality
  •  Durable
  •  Multiple color combinations are available


  •  Some customers find this product overpriced for a single panel

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Amazon Basics Kids Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain Set

If you’re looking for some blackout curtains that do not dull the vibe but instead brighten your kid’s nursery while keeping out the sun, the Amazon Basics set is something worth considering. It’s up for grabs in a wide variety of fun designs but only available in two sizes.

These blackout curtains will definitely improve your kid’s sleep since they provide true blackout, having a host of satisfied customers who have found nothing to complain about. They also regulate temperature and are very thick, which helps them completely block out light. The fabric is exceptionally smooth, heavy, and very well-made. Moreover, they are affordable and provide great value for money.

While they may get wrinkles from packaging, steaming can easily help de-wrinkle them easily.


  •  Available in colorful patterns perfect for the nursery
  •  Great value for the money
  •  Soft material
  •  Thick fabric
  •  Reasonable cost
  •  Easy care


  •  May get wrinkles from packaging
  •  Few customers face quality issues

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Amazon Basics Baby-Kids Window Blackout Curtain Shade

Another great choice from Amazon Basics are these blackout curtains that specifically are made for kids. They are available in five fun prints that you can choose from, which can also jazz up your space in addition to providing blackout.

They are only available in one size, but you can simply adjust the dimensions using suction cups provided, so they can fit any area you’d like them to. This also makes them super travel-friendly since they can easily fit various window sizes. However, the suction cups may be sacrificed on quality, so you may want to keep velcro sticks handy.

The fabric is very soft and provides excellent blackout. In addition, the use of suction cups makes installation effortless.


  •  Portable
  •  Thick fabric
  •  Available in various fun designs
  •  Easy installation with suction cups
  •  Can fit multiple window sizes
  •  Provide excellent blackout
  •  Soft material


  •  Suction cups aren’t the best quality. Keep velcro sticks handy

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Buying Guide: Everything You Should Consider When Buying Nursery Blackout Curtains

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing blackout curtains:


Perhaps the most important thing to remember when getting new curtains are the exact dimensions of the space you need them for and measuring correctly. Getting a curtain that is a few inches shorter than required could easily let light in your room, even if it provides effective blackout, disrupting your baby’s sleep. Also, be sure to measure from a few inches above your curtain rod till where you want it to end.


You will also want to check out the quality and durability of the fabric you’re getting. Good quality blackout curtains are usually made from thick cotton and polyester. Try looking for a fabric that is thick enough to prohibit light and sound from passing through. It should also be smooth and not too flimsy so that it blocks light effectively.


Always consider the color palette and theme of your nursery when choosing your blackout curtains.

Typically, darker colors work best as blackout curtains, and blackout claims for other colors are occasionally untrue. However, you can easily find some patterned or lighter-colored versions of blackout curtains too. They may provide enough opacity as long as they are well-made with good quality fabric and lining.


You should also consider the header of the curtain you’re getting since it can affect the overall outlook too. There are various types of headings available. However, pinch pleat headings and eyelets are ideally used for blackout curtains in bedrooms.


Another very important factor is to keep your budget in mind. Typically, costs depend on the material, quality, size, and brand name. There are plenty of options in the market that do the job well and are available for an affordable price.

Keep in mind that blackout curtains are usually more expensive than ordinary ones, and the price also increases with the area you want to cover. If your budget is tight, look for mid-range ones since cheaper curtains might not be of good quality and won’t last you long or even provide efficient light blockage.


Blackout curtains usually have the same installation process as ordinary curtains. This process generally goes like this: take accurate measurements, align and attach brackets, place the rods, and then hang your curtains. Buying a return rod or a wraparound rod or using velcro sticks could help prevent light from entering the grommets or the sides.


Curtains of different materials require different care methods, so be sure to look into the care instructions before buying one, so that you know if you can take up the challenge. In most cases, they can be washed on a gentle cycle in the machine, but some curtains with delicate fabrics and linings can only be dry-cleaned or spot cleaned.


You can now surely invest in a good quality blackout curtain that will help your kids sleep better. A good product will ease your worries, as long as you take care to choose a reliable brand with positive customer reviews and follow our buying guide to ensure it’s right for you. We always recommend going for the most durable option that fits your budget. Always make sure to check the return policy so you’re covered in case of quality issues or the product does not meet your requirements.

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