How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need For My Baby?

Cloth wipes seem a better alternative to disposable wipes. Right from newborns to infants and toddlers, their use is numerous.

Taking care of a newborn is often challenging for new mothers. At one time, perhaps you have asked yourself, how many wipes do I need?

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Knowing the number of cloth wipes you need helps with planning. Running out of cloth wipes at odd moments is very stressful and a recipe for embarrassment.

So read on to know how you can gauge the number of cloth baby wipes to stock for your newborn.

That way you can plan and avoid the embarrassment of changing diapers when you don’t have wipes.

Why Use Cloth Wipes?

Newborns and toddlers have sensitive skin. The usual disposable wipes can sometimes cause skin problems because of the preservatives.

And besides contributing minimum pollution to the surrounding, cloth wipes are cost-effective. Furthermore, you can use them beyond wiping baby’s poo.

How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need?

There are no two babies that are identical in all aspects. For that reason, it’s almost impossible to give a universal number of cloth wipes that you need.

For the first few months after birth, newborns poop very frequently and so use more cloth wipes. However, the frequencies diminish as their age advances.

Other factors such as laundry routine and the number of wipes you use per diaper change count. Then finally you require some spares for emergencies.

Nevertheless, depending on the age, about 40 to 45 cloth wipes for newborns may do. And infants and toddlers need just about half the number of diapers newborns use. But that’s only approximate.

What Factors Determine the Number of Cloth Wipes You Need?

When calculating the number of cloth wipes you require, take into consideration the following factors:

Age of the Baby

The age of a baby determines the frequency with which you’ll have to change the diapers. Newborns call for more frequent changes of diapers than toddlers and infants.

In most cases, the rate at which your baby pee or poo decreases as he grows up. For example, some infants may pee up to 6, 8, or even more than 10 times daily. Still, it isn’t surprising to find babies that excrete after every feeding moment.

And don’t expect one day’s experience to be the same as the other. Sometimes and most often, newborns are unpredictable on how often they pee.

Initially, you can use your motherly instinct in approximating how many wipes to buy. You can stock two or three dozen as you wait for the arrival of your angel.

After delivery take your time and sturdy your little one. Then adjust accordingly.

Number of Wipes You Require For Every Diaper Change

Besides the frequency of peeing or changing diapers, approximate the number of diapers you require for every change. Sure, it’s almost impossible to know the exact amount you’ll use next.

In most cases, you may find yourself spending 2 or one wipe during diaper-changing moments. Thus, assuming your baby requires you to change her diapers 10 times every day, that sums up to about 20 cloth diapers.

The Caregiver, Mother or Father?

Caring for the baby is exhausting mentally and physically. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to find the father and the mother taking turns in caring for their little ones.

And that includes changing diapers in the middle of the night or daytime.

However, from experience, most women are more skilled and faster with diaper changing than men. That’s why you may find a woman using fewer wipes than the husband on the same baby.

For that reason, it’s understandable to stock a few more cloth wipes than you use every day whenever it’s man’s turn to care for the baby.

Laundry Timetable

Another factor that determines the number of reusable wipes you need is your laundry timetable. In reality, newborns soil their clothes very often.

Thus, you’ll find your pile of clothes that need washing increases daily. No wonder some mothers subscribe to daily laundry routines.

Still, others skip a day or two before washing the baby’s clothes. Therefore, you need to stock a sufficient number of diapers that can serve you from one laundry day to the next.

Let’s assume you carry out your cleaning every three days and require about 10 diapers per day. In that case, you’ll need about 35 diapers. But if your laundry routine is weekly, then plan for almost 80 diapers.

You Need Spares Too

Having considered all the previous factors, don’t work on a fixed number of wipes. Emergencies can strike anytime. For example, health problems or a faulty machine can disrupt your laundry routine.

At the same time, a new nanny or relative that doesn’t understand your laundry schedule can mess you up. Hence to cater to such unforeseen circumstances, always have a few dozen diapers kept within reach.

Therefore, How Many Cloth Wipes Do You Need?

There is no fixed answer to the question. The best response is that it depends on several factors. For instance, the younger your infant is the more cloth wipes you need.

Also, the number of wipes you use whenever you change the baby’s diaper matters. Still take into account your laundry timetable and whoever is taking care of the baby.

And after all that approximation, add a couple of reusable wipes to cater to emergencies. But whatever number you settle on, have a supply that can take you for at least 3 days.

With all that said, some mothers with newborns use about 36 to 40 cloth wipes. On the other hand, infants and toddlers require fewer wipes; about 24.

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