Hospital Checklist for Mom, Dad, and Baby

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Preparing for the big day can be very exciting, with much gusto, we as parents have watched our babies grow and sometimes we almost cannot wait to get to meet our bundles of joy finally. Bear in mind that proper preparation prevents unwanted surprises.

Hence, in as much as you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your cute baby, you want to be set. You should constantly remember even the tiniest details to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Yeah, so finally, it is the last week of your pregnancy, all seems set, the house has been decorated, and the nursery is looking beautiful in all of its glory, the freezer has been stocked up with all and every kind of foods.

Everything looks ready, but you are not sure you have all the bases covered just yet…my guess is the gap you are feeling is not having the hospital bag! Yes, you want to pack any and everything in fact, literally move your house to the hospital, not to worry, there will be no need for that.

To help you get your hospital bags prepared without leaving anything behind, we have made a checklist for you, your baby (to start the journey to babyhood) and dad (the partner).

Hospital Checklist for Mom


  • To start with, you will need your ID, insurance card, hospital pre-registration (in cases where is needed by the hospital you are using), and your birth plan if you have one.
  • You may want to come with your eyeglasses if you use them. Though contact lenses are good (in this case, don’t forget your contact solution), it may not be in your best interest to deal with them when you are preparing for labor.
  • Though the hospital is inclined to provide you with robes to use before and after birth, the idea may sound unappealing to you, in this case, you may want to come with your own set of comfortable clothes to put on (something loose and comfy that you won’t mind getting dirty). A bathrobe, a nightgown or two are also essentials.

    In this category, it would be awesome if you can pack flip flops too because your feet would be swollen for some time, and just in case you need to walk down the hospital halls during labor, and your feet might not fit into those favorite shoes of yours.

  • The chances are that you will spend at least two nights at the hospital after childbirth and in cases of C-section (maybe four). Packing toiletries to help you freshen up would be helpful and would make you feel better. A pack of wipes? Yes, please! Little cosmetics? Yes please, you want to look good just in case there is an unplanned photo shoot.
  • You may want to pack a comfortable cloth to wear after you are discharged from the hospital. To save space in your hospital bag, you can also wear the one you came to the hospital with. Gadgets and accessories? Yes, please! Of course, you will want to share the great news with everyone after your baby has arrived.
  • Birthing Aid: I call them birthing aids because they quite help to make your birthing process a tad easier. Gone are the days where you will just lay on the hospital bed counting ceiling tiles because of boredom! You never can tell how fast or slow your labor would be so having a couple of materials to ease you on your way to childbirth would be awesome.

    You may pack magazines, novels, your phone (for social media) or even audio books, keep yourself entertained (and pause easily) as nurses and doctors from time to time check on your progress.

  • Coming along with whatever will help you relax is also a good idea. It could be your favorite pillow or teddy bear (for fluffy hugs), a picture of someone or something you love.

Hospital Checklist for Dad

As the birth coach, helping and preparing for the big day, there are some essentials you will need for yourself, here’s a checklist to guide you all the way.

  • You will want to be armed with personal care kits. Depending on the mode of birth, you will be spending at least two days in the hospital, and it would make a lot of sense if you can maintain your physical wellbeing. Looking out of sorts may pass the wrong message to your partner who is in labor, and we should avoid that at all costs.
  • Snacks: Though your partner may not be able to eat while in labor, you do want to fill your belly with something while you await the good news. Hospital snacks may not be the best, so you want to be armed with your snacks.
  • Clothes: For the fact that you are going to be spending some days in the hospital, you will need a change of clothes, so get packing!
  • Tech stuff: even as mom can get bored while waiting, so can dad too! Don’t forget to pack the handy gadgets you can with their chargers to keep you from bawling your eyes out in boredom while you wait.

Hospital Checklist for Baby

Yes! Baby is finally here, and we are all happy. Here are the essentials you should pack for your lovely baby.

  • Clothes: of course, the baby didn’t come clothed, but he/she has to leave clothed. This is utterly important to have in your hospital bad. Bear in mind the weather might be different than it was when you were admitted, so you should pack comfortable cloth, and you may buy sizes from 0-3 months because you do not know for sure how big baby is. Throw in a baby blanket to the mix to keep the baby warm.
  • You may want to pack plastic storage bags to keep the essential items safe.
  • Are you planning a photo shoot in the hospital for the new baby? You may want to come armed with some props to make your baby look even more fabulous.

We hope these checklists have got you crosschecking your bag if you have packed any materials and if not, we hope it gets you started!

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