GENDER SPECIFIC NATURAL CONCEPTION: A solid way to conceive a boy or girl with full control


Guest post by Dr Kuldeep Verma

If one would ask newly wedding couples as to what kind of family do they want, a lot of times the answer would be one boy and one girl. In gender biased communities, when they get the second baby of the same gender, they start looking for other options to balance their families because economic conditions do not favor a large family.

Some couples even start the blame game within each other. As a result, gender selection market became full of scammers cashing on any lame idea like Dr, Shettles’ slow/fast/light/heavy/weaker/stronger sperms, gender swaying nutraceutical kits, gender diets, chart and calendars giving false hope of conceiving a boy or girl.

All of these involve a lot of hassle and ultimately gender disappointment. It still remained a 50/50 guess. Those who got their desired babies by chance, posted 5000 to 10000 entries on pregnancy-related websites.

Those who got gender disappointment did nothing. Dr. Shettles’ hypothesis, which did most of the damage has been debunked by NIH but many pregnancy-related websites don’t show this.

Seriously good news is that now they do not have to go anywhere. If couples use our services from the very start, even before marriage, their chances of getting a small and balanced family are very high. We hope we offer an opportunity of creating happy communities with the lesser blame game and reduced spousal/domestic abuse.

Here’s the right way

dr kuldeepI have been diligently working since 1982 on a notion that just like there are two kinds of sperms, actually ‘determining’ the gender of a baby, there must be something of two kinds in women too.

Nature does not play a one-sided game. In 2006, we discovered a new phenomenon that women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. Therefore, to get a boy, one has to conceive in a boy cycle, and to get a girl in a girl cycle.

This process of alternating gender specific cycles is genetically controlled via the release of an alternating ratio of male to female hormones in the uterus. Women have around 200 active eggs for conceiving boys and the same number for conceiving girls (total reproductive cycle span of around 400 months).

So the effective gender planning, in reality, involves management of conception in appropriate cycles. That is what PreGender Preconception test does. This has now proven to be the first 100% natural, legitimate and successful way to naturally select the gender of a baby for family balancing.

Since gender selection is genetically controlled, eating or drinking anything for a short period of time is not going to help. Families who were non-vegetarians for the last three generations have more boys because of relatively slightly higher testosterone in their system.

The opposite is true for vegetarians. The gimmick that eating bananas or meat for few days will get you a boy is wrong. Therefore, if anyone promises you to balance your family by selling a boy or girl conceiving kit or any magic potion, without testing anything from you, he/she is lying.

Fortunately, the hormonal environments in the uterus can be determined by testing mid-cycle urine samples. The whole process requires collecting two mid-cycle urine samples for two consecutive months in separate bottles and shipping to our laboratory in Livonia Michigan (details at the website).

After testing them, we keep on guiding a couple by sending conception plans in appropriate cycles via email as to in which cycle to try and in which to avoid, till they conceive at no additional cost. We can also find the gender of the baby as soon as one gets a positive pregnancy test. This is the earliest gender diagnostic test in the world.

All of this can be better understood through the following graph.

alternating hormonal environment

We perform two types of urine tests: 1) PreGender Preconception Test, to help conceive a baby of a specific gender and 2) FirstGender Post-conception Test, to evaluate the gender of the baby from day-1.

Both are natural, safe, simple urine-based tests. Urine samples are collected by customers at home and mailed through any courier (UPS, FEDEX or DHL) to the lab in Livonia, Michigan, USA. It is legal to ship urine samples across international borders under classification, “Exempt Human Specimen” and the older the sample at RT, the better it is for these tests. No preservative is needed.

Currently, the success rate of PreGender Preconception Test is 94%. That means if 100 couples conceive in, say a boy phase, 94 will get boys and 6 can get girls. It’s because even in a perfect boy phase there is 6% chance that an X chromosome containing sperm can go ahead and fertilize. This is not an error of the test. This is the way biology works. Same is true otherwise.

Since 94 out of 100 couples are getting their desired babies simply by conceiving in appropriate cycles guided by us, it leads us to believe that the uterus may be sorting and selecting X & Y sperms for conception depending upon the type of cycle she is in.

In other words, a man provides both X and Y sperms, a woman picks one depending on the cycle she is in. That’s why we say that uterus selects the gender of the baby. We have nearly 300 success stories. This unique technology is protected by 5 patents and one more is pending (see relevant publications below).

Why do some couples get more babies of the same gender?

We have also found the reason why some couples end-up getting more boys or girls. (Please refer to three graphs shown at the end of ‘home’ page of our website.) They get easily conceived in one type of cycle. Please note that if you have two babies of the same gender, the chances of the third baby to be of the same gender are even higher.

The only system which can break that gridlock is Pregender Preconception test. We will guide you in which cycle to try and when to avoid. No gender diet, gender selection kit or douching will help.

How to get your dream baby?

Name your baby first. Participate in our Live Charts at our website where we display all the results in advance to show how to conceive a boy (or girl). Get two mid-cycle urine samples tested from us to know from where to start. Thereafter, we email you conception plans in every appropriate cycle. If you conceive, collect a sample for our FirstGender test immediately and ship.

Here’s totally free offer for the readers. We are offering a complete package for Gender Planning before Pregnancy & Gender Detection after Pregnancy consisting of PreGender + FirstGender tests ($525.00 value) totally free to any 5 couples having at least three boys wanting a girl or having three girls wanting a boy.

Couples must be willing to participate in Live Charts on our website under certain conditions. Please email your request to [email protected] to find out more.

Contact info: Dr. Kuldeep Verma, email: [email protected], Website:,
Ph. Cell: 1-313-574-7500 in the USA, Toll-free: 1-877 HE-OR-SHE (1-877-436-7743)

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    Image: Pixabay
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