dr kuldeep vermaDr. Kuldeep Verma is a biochemist, biotechnologist and toxicologist by training. He has actually proven that to be successful in life, one does not need long degrees. All one needs is a clear plausible purpose, some educational background and most importantly determination to solve an issue. A striking example is Dr. Verma's single-handedly overhauling the water treatment process at Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, a totally different subject. Thousands of engineers who worked there for the last 80 years could not think of what Dr. Verma did and he was able to convince the management to stop using certain chemicals for processing wastewater and shift from the use of chlorine to oxygen. After a lot of technical presentations, the management adopted all of his recommendations. He was able to get his process patented (US pat # 7,141,175: Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) based wastewater treatment process. Read the full story at Linkedin profile). Due to his sole efforts, water which everyone drinks is treated with oxygen instead of chlorine.He has brought the same principles to improve and excel in the field of gender selection. Now he has become an authority in family balancing. His vision has made numerous old wives tales moot. His main purpose is to save women from failed ideologies of Dr. Shettles, which has been debunked even by NIH but this report is not promoted). Selling false hopes to women only brings gender disappointment. email: [email protected] Website: www.urobiologics.com Ph. Cell: 1-313-574-7500 in the USA Toll-free: 1-877 HE-OR-SHE (1-877-436-7743)