Creative Ways to Tell Your Significant Other that You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy SurpriseCongratulations! You are pregnant. Some women like to take their pregnancy tests with their husbands to let them feel the excitement together (or have a shoulder to cry on when the test comes back negative), however, there are some of us that like to find out for ourselves and then share the news.

But it doesn’t have to be as simple as saying hey babe I’m pregnant and leave it at that (although that is always a route to go and one that I went) but you can also do something creative and cute for revealing to your significant other that you are about to become parents either for the first time or again.

We wanted to give you some ideas of creative ways to tell your other half that you are expecting so read on, plan away and let us know how it goes!

Dress Up Your Pet

If you have a pet you can get a cute shirt that says they are going to be a big brother/sister and see how long it takes your partner to figure it out.

You can also tie the pregnancy test around their neck on a string and have them bring it to them. Although depending on your pet this might not be the best idea.

Incorporate Your Favorite Things

Take what you guys do together and use it. If you are gamers, create a new profile on the system call Little Insert Last Name Here or Next Generation Gamer Coming Soon (add the date instead) but you can do so many options with this.

Maybe you are into cooking or fitness, make another plate of food and say you are eating for two, or buy a new workout outfit but for the little one.

Make a dessert that incorporates both blue and pink and serves it and sees if they get the idea. There are so many ideas with cooking that you could come up with.

Give them Something that States they are Going to be a Parent

You can get anything custom made, think Etsy. Have them write something like you’re going to be a dad, or we are pregnant, something that when they indulge in the end they will see the message.

Place the Positive Test Somewhere They Will Look

This can be wherever your significant other looks on a regular basis, the fridge, a bun in the oven (if they cook), their underwear drawer, the bathroom cabinet, whatever the case may be.

Make it funny and unique, but you can put it anywhere for them to find and then watch their mind work to figure it out.

Write a Poem/Card

Be creative (or use Google or Pinterest) and write them out a cute little poem about them becoming a new parent. Write it on a pizza with the toppings, write it on a cake, whatever, and make it unique for you.

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Create a bunch of clews that will lead them to the final clue of the positive pregnancy test or ultrasound if you have gone to the doctor already and have them really work for it because it will be worth it.

When this is Your Second Child Plus

This is when it gets fun. How about “Thing 1” and so on, and have a shirt made for whatever number the next child is. You can also have them read a book like What to Expect When You’re a Big Sister/Brother.

Use the kids, I mean really that’s what they are there for right?

And Finally…

Just Tell Them!

This was my last resort. I had envisioned doing something cute like some of these ideas, and I bought little booties and a card to give him like a cute gift.

But in the end, I called him while I was at work and asked him to meet me on my break and told him. His reaction was priceless and I wish I had recorded it.

For it, and us, that worked was amazing just seeing his face is something I will never forget and that for us worked.

Surprise them or take the test with them, however, you want and you know will make you’re significant another feel special.

Know that your lives are about to change, for the better (although with less sleep), but it should be a moment you never forget no matter if it’s your first or your fifth.

Again, Congratulations.

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