Best Pregnancy Tests: Knowing All Your Options

pregnancy tests
Taking a pregnancy test is an accurate way to determine whether you are with child or not. Although you can go to a clinic to get one, there are many home kits available.

A pregnancy test is best taken a week after missing a period. Doing so increases the chance of getting accurate results.

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There are two kinds of pregnancy tests: a urine test and a blood test. The latter is more accurate, but the former affords more privacy and is available over the counter.

You can get more accurate results when you take a test early in the morning when urine is more concentrated. Although a urine test is 99% accurate, there are many factors that affect the results, including how closely you followed the instructions.

Another factor in getting accurate results is the sensitivity of the pregnancy test. And this very much depends on the maker of the product.

The First Response manual pregnancy test is a really sensitive over-the-counter test available. Not only that, it’s also among the quickest to give results.

Although the urine test from First Response proved accurate, it’s not the only product available on the market. Keep in mind that just because a test comes highly recommended, it is the right one for you.

Preferences matter when it comes to pregnancy tests (there are manual and digital versions). So does the price.

Seal of Approval: First Response Manual Pregnancy Test

Not that Bad: Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test

Worth Considering: ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

How to Choose a Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy tests do the same thing: determine if your urine contains the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. It’s a hormone that is made after a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus’ wall.

Usually, the hCG hormone attaches itself around six days after fertilization. If you are indeed with child, your hCG levels will rise rapidly, increasing every two to three days.

One of the great things about a home pregnancy test is that they are easy to use. Plus, there are many brands available and they also come in both manual and digital packages.

So when choosing a pregnancy test, consider the following:

  • Do you want a regular test or a digital one? Truth be told, it wouldn’t matter which one you choose because both will give accurate results.

But where they differ might be the selling point for you. For instance, the analog version displays signs or a line while the digital version displays the word “pregnant.”

Some pregnancy tests show very faint lines, and that might be a concern for you. Then again, in terms of cost, the analog version is definitely lighter on the wallet.

  • Do you prefer a brand-name version or a generic one? Although generic brands provide accurate results, it’s understandable why a lot of women prefer to use a branded variety.

You’ll get the same accurate results whichever you choose, just as long as you take the test a week after missing your period. This one boils down to preference.

  • Do you like early detection tests or regular detection tests? There are some tests that promise to give accurate results.

That means that you can take the test even before the prescribed “missed period week” and still get accurate results. This kind of test costs more and may not also be entirely accurate.

Best Pregnancy Tests

First Response Manual Pregnancy Test

A good pregnancy test is one that is easy to use, easy to read, and provides accurate and quick results. Of course, for the results to be accurate, the test needs to be really sensitive.

All of those features can be found with the First Response Manual Pregnancy Test. There’s an emphasis on “manual” here because the company also makes a digital version.

The test from First Response is also able to detect hCG sooner. Meaning, you can determine if you are pregnant a bit earlier.

As mentioned, this test is pretty quick: it was able to deliver results between 40 to 45 seconds. Quick delivery of results, the accuracy of results, and ease of use may be important but design matters as well.

The curved handle makes the test easier to grip. Plus, the wide tip makes hitting the target a lot easier too.

Of course, there will always be complaints no matter how great a product is. In this case, the varying darkness of the pregnancy lines may confuse some.

Also, the curved window design might be harder to read for some. Then again, much of it depends on how light hits the plastic window.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to read
  • It provides quick and accurate results
  • It has a good grip


  • The varying darkness of the lines might be confusing for some
  • The curved window design might make results harder to read

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Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test

This isn’t as sensitive as the First Response pregnancy test. And although it features a nice design, it isn’t as user-friendly.

Despite the minor sensitivity issue, this is still a good test. The grip might also be troublesome for some because it is not that easy to hold.

But the Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test does have a wide strip making it easier to hit the target. And if you’re interested, the company also offers a digital version of their product.

Sometimes, the urine test can work in as little as ten seconds, but the average still hovers around 40 to 45 minutes.


  • It features a wide strip, making it easier for pee to hit the target


  • It is not so sensitive
  • It has a handle that is a bit harder to hold

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ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

One thing that stands out about this test is its price. It’s a really basic test that is best suited for those who are concerned about their wallet.

With this test, you can take as many as you want without worrying too much about cost. It also provides accurate results.

A strip test is very much like a traditional pregnancy test, minus the housing. You still need to see two lines to verify you’re pregnant.

However, this kind of test is best taken after you’ve missed your period for a week, unlike the First Response test which can be taken earlier.


  • It is friendlier for the wallet


  • It can’t be used earlier to detect pregnancy

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The best pregnancy tests are accurate, sensitive, quick, and wallet-friendly. The First Response pregnancy test may tick all the boxes but your choice still comes down to preference.

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