What to Wear After C Section

As an inexperienced mum, the postpartum period is perplexing. The challenge even piles up following a c-section delivery.

Besides taking care of the baby, you have to be selective about the types of clothes to wear. And amidst all that, you still want to present your best look.

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Therefore, the issue of what to wear after a c-section becomes an important subject. The post highlights the types of clothes to put on after going through a c-section.

The Post C- Section Attire

After the c-section, the incision takes weeks to heal. And before the healing, you must not wear any attire that rubs or exerts excess pressure on the incision.

As you heal, you should wear clothes such as postpartum undies, robes, delivery gowns, and button-up shirts.

That is the choice of attire that feels breathable, and comfortable, and protects the wound. Read on for the particular clothes to consider wearing following cesarean;

Postpartum Panties

After a c-section wearing the usual bikini feels uncomfortable. That’s because the waistline uncomfortably presses on the stitches.

On the other hand, tagging your usual panties doesn’t help. A c-section panty or high waist undie thus becomes your ideal wear.

However, when choosing the high waist or the pants, choose a wide waistband. Furthermore, it should have a wide crotch region to accommodate the postpartum pads.

For optimum performance, settle on c-section panties that are breathable and dark in color. That way, any leakage won’t stand out.

Possible options to consider are the Upspring C panty and Cauniss high waist panty. The postpartum panties are non-irritating on the incision and provide adequate compression on the abdominal muscles.


The next type of wear that suits a mother after a cesarean delivery is a robe. Several features make the robe ideal after c-section delivery. For example, you don’t have to struggle with discomforting zips or buttons.

And that means quick access when checking on the stitches and scars. Besides, wearing it on and off is straightforward.

When you need to change your postpartum pads, it presents no struggle. The Kindred Bravely Emmaline nursing and maternity robe fit such a setting.

Nursing and Delivery Gowns

Sometimes as a postpartum mother, you need a change from wearing loose pants and shorts. Under such a setting, a flowing dress, nursing, or maternity gown makes a viable choice.

The relaxed fitting nature of the gown provides ultra-comfort to the c-section area. Moreover, its free nature gives the medics an easy time checking on the stitches.

And when you need to nurse your baby, it gives you easy access. You can either pull it sideways or downwards in milliseconds.

A few gowns that exhibit those features are the Frida Mom delivery/nursing gown or the Kindred Bravely gown.

And the best part- the gowns are useful during labor, delivery, and postpartum time.

Leggings, Sweatpants, or Yoga Pants

When you dig deep into most women’s wardrobes, you won’t miss a pair of leggings. During the postpartum period, you can wear leggings with a high-reaching waistband.

In other words, it should reach far above the c-section. That way, the stitches stay out of sight whenever you are breastfeeding. Besides, the broad high waistband awards the belly additional comfort.

Alternatively, you can opt for sweatpants and enjoy the warmth and comfortable feeling on the scar. But the compressional leggings are very tight and thus not ideal for the task.

And if you don’t choose the leggings right, you can end up with a pair that feels very tight on your c-section area. The tight leggings may make the postpartum pads bulge out.

That’s why the Kcutteyg Women’s Joggers makes a viable option.

Button-Up Shirts and a Comfy Cardigan

After a c-section, you don’t want any garment that irritates or feels over-tight on the belly. The Button-up shirt, as the name suggests, has no buttons on the lower section.

That means it won’t rub comfortably on the healing area. At the same time, you can wear a nursing t-shirt and cardigan on top and still feel comfortable.

Loose-Fitting T-Shirts

As you recover from the cesarean, you need a garment that’s breathable and comfortable. A loose-fitting t-shirt fits that description.

Moreover, putting on the shirt needs no struggle. Anytime you wish to check on the stitches, it makes it trouble-free.


Following a c-section, you experience a strange feeling in your belly. For the initial couple of weeks, additional support around the incision area makes you feel better.

Any mom who has lived the experience understands the feeling. For that reason, wearing a postpartum girdle proves useful.

Wearing a belly band that goes around the torso helps the uterus recover and shrink back to its previous size. In addition, the girdle helps minimize bloating and back pain.

Your toddlers may still jump and play on your lap. But when you have the girdle around the torso, the c-section area gets additional protection from unforeseen injuries.

However, if you need the girdle that’s helpful from pregnancy to the postpartum period, try out the 3-in-1 postpartum belly wrap.

How to Choose What to Wear After C-Section

The following are the determinants of the kind of clothes to wear after a cesarean:


You require attire that’s breathable and comfortable on the incision. For that reason, cotton is one of the materials to consider.

Compressional Support

Besides breathability, the cloth should give adequate support to the belly without compromising comfort. C-section pants and high-waist pants come into the picture.

Trouble-Free to Wear and Take Off

Considering your belly hasn’t healed, wear clothes that you can put on and take off with ease. Otherwise, restrictive pants or blouses will mean causing injury to the incision every time you wear or take them off.

Makes Breastfeeding Easier

You don’t need to wear clothes that give you a hard time breastfeeding your baby. So, think of an attire that you can either pull down or sideways in preparation for breastfeeding.


When choosing what to wear after a c-section, prioritize comfort on your belly. Anything that feels restrictive or might rub on the incision region is a complete no.

In addition, breathability, ease of breastfeeding, and support on the belly matter. The recovery period following a cesarean varies from one person to the next. Therefore, exercise patience.

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