Alimentum vs Nutramigen: Which Hypoallergenic Formula is Right for Your Baby?

Babies who are allergic to the protein present in cow’s milk often register discomfort after feeding. The allergy may produce reflux and colic in the infant.

You don’t have to wait for the baby’s immune system to adjust to the protein allergies naturally. An appropriate alternative is to go for the right baby infant formula such as Alimentum or Nutramigen.

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For the uninformed parent, choosing between Alimentum and Nutramigen isn’t easy. The post hence outlines the basic features of the two infant formulas and how they compare.

Alimentum vs Nutramigen Comparison

Alimentum Top Features

Alimentum formula milk provides complete nutrition for babies. In addition, it uses no soy-based protein.

Read below for other outstanding features and potential benefits of Alimentum infant formula:

Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Alimentum is a hypoallergenic infant formula milk. It’s best for babies that suffer lactose sensitivity.

The baby formula has a unique blend of DHA and ARA- vital nutrients present in breast milk. As the infant grows, DHA and ARA help in the eye and brain development.

Alimentum formula has broken down protein. For that reason, babies suffering from protein sensitivity find it easy to digest Alimentum.

Quick Relief of Colic

One of the common protein sensitivity symptoms in infants is colic. Alimentum promises fast action (within 24 hours) in relieving such symptoms.

Immune Nourishing Ingredient

The next vital ingredient of the Alimentum infant formula is the 2-FL HMO.

The human oligosaccharide nourishes the infant’s immune system. Having achieved strong immunity and no colic, the infant reaps quality sleep.

What We Like About Alimentum:

  • Helps in managing protein allergy symptoms
  • Free from palm olein oil
  • Complete with all valuable nutrients
  • The fast-acting formula, within 24 hours

What We Didn’t Like About Alimentum:

  • Some kids struggle with its taste

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Enfamil Nutramigen Top features

Enfamil Nutramigen is another promising infant formula milk. Its outstanding features and benefits include the following:

Easing Colic

Nutramigen promises a fast-acting formula for relieving colic due to protein allergy.

According to the manufacturer, it provides relief for protein-related (cow’s milk) colic within 48 hours. With the colic subdued your baby can have quality rest.

Improved Allergy Management and Digestive Health.

Cow’s milk ignites allergies in some kids. Fortunately, Nutramigen has an LGG probiotic (good bacteria). The probiotic helps in managing allergies and also contributes to good digestive health.

Brain Support

Nutramigen has a gentle lactose-free formula. Besides other valuable nutrients, it’s rich in Omega 3 DHA, ARA, and choline. The three nutrients help in brain support.

Immune Support

Kids and adults require good immunity. Nutramigen thus helps to boost the infant’s immunity.

As a result, such a baby can then consume the usual protein formula without registering allergy symptoms such as asthma, hives, and eczema.

What We Like About Nutramigen:

  • Free from soy-based protein
  • Reputed brand
  • Promises quick relief from colic
  • Assist in brain and eye development
  • Also beneficial for long-term allergy symptoms management

What We Don’t Like About It:

  • The cost is higher than the standard infant formula milk
  • Some babies don’t enjoy its taste

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Alimentum vs Nutramigen Comparison

Let’s compare them under the following subheadings

Key Ingredients

Both Alimentum and Nutramigen are hypoallergenic formulas and rich in vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals (per 100 calories) as summarized in the table below;

TitleVitamin A (IU)Vitamin D (IU)Vitamin E (IU)Vitamin K (mcg)Calcium (mg)Iron (mg)Zinc (mg)Fats

Nutramigen also has a higher volume of the following nutrients as compared to Alimentum; Vitamin B1, inositol, magnesium, selenium, chloride, sodium, and folic acid. Therefore, regarding nutritional composition, Nutramigen is on the upper side.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Composition

Similarly, Similac Alimentum and Enfamil Nutramigen contain the valuable DHA compound necessary for the development of the eye and brain. However, Nutramagen has a higher amount of DHA (less than 2 percent in every 100 calories compared to less than 0.5 percent in Alimentum).

Response Time

According to Similac, Alimentum provides relief against protein (cow’s) related colic within 24 hours.

On the other hand, Enfamil promises Nutramigen to give colic relief within 48 hours. From such data, Alimentum promises fast relief from cow’s milk protein allergic symptoms.

Possibility of an Allergic Reaction

Both Alimentum and Nutramigen are hypoallergenic formulas. And hence you don’t expect your baby to show an allergic reaction after feeding.

However, if your infant is allergic to corn, then Nutramigen may not be a good choice (it has corn syrup).


When you compare Alimentum and Nutramigen against other baby formulas, you realize they are more expensive. But, when you weigh the two formulas, Nutramigen is more expensive by a slight imagine.

Similarities Between Alimentum and Nutramigen

Apart from a few differences, the two hypoallergenic baby formula milk share many similarities.

Alimentum and Nutramigen:

  • Are hypoallergenic baby formula milk
  • Promises to relief from protein-related allergies and colic
  • Rich in DHA and thus contributes to brain and eye development
  • Free from artificial growth hormones
  • Rich in iron beyond the FDA’s minimal requirement per 100 calories
  • Contains processed vegetable oils
  • Have equal amount of copper, iodine, and vitamins (B2, D3, B6, and A)

Alimentum vs Nutramigen: The Parting Shot

Nutramigen and Alimentum are complete infant formula milk for babies with cow’s milk allergies. Both are reputable brands though they have minor differences worth noting.

Alimentum can be your best choice if you need the formula that’s:

  • Nutritionally complete and free from palm olein oil
  • Promises quick relief from protein sensitivity (24 hours)
  • Relatively affordable
  • Rich in 2-FL HMO and so nourishes the immune system.

On the other hand, Nutramagen makes a better choice if you want the formula milk that:

  • Takes a slightly longer time (48 hours) to relieve protein sensitivity symptoms. But on the positive side, it addresses long-term allergy symptoms such as asthma and eczema.
  • Has an abundance of probiotics (good bacteria) that promote better digestive health.
  • Free from added sucrose or sugar
  • Has twice the amount of DHA present in Alimentum

You now stand a better chance of making the right choice between Alimentum and Nutramigen. If you are still undecided, then you can purchase or request a sample from your pediatrician.

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