What Are the Chances of Pregnancy After a Vasectomy?

Many couples are inquiring about the chances of pregnancy after a vasectomy since it has happened with other people. A vasectomy is considered by married couples to be a contraceptive method. Through this male sterilization procedure, the sperm and egg could be kept apart during a sexual intercourse.

It could be surprising to know that the contraceptive procedure could be reversed in some way. Operationally speaking, the sperm-carrying tubes of a man are cut for contraception. In addition, most cases ensure that the procedure is 99% effective.

A Glance into How a Vasectomy Is Done in Men

A vasectomy is done in as short as 15 minutes. As said above, the tubes carrying the sperm will be cut. It stops sperm from getting into the semen of a man. In other words, during ejaculation, the semen will not have sperm. Consequently, fertilization of a woman’s egg will not occur.

The operation is painless and quick. It is done using local or general anaesthesia. For the former, the testicles and scrotum will be numbed. You will not feel pain even if you are awake during the operation. Nonetheless, you may feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation. The latter means you will be asleep during the operation.

The two types of vasectomy are conventional and no-scalpel vasectomy. The first one refers to the numbing of the scrotum and making two small cuts on each of your scrotum’s sides. Afterwards, the sperm-carrying tubes will be accessed for cutting and removal of a small area.

The second type also involves local anaesthesia and making a tiny puncture hole in your scrotum’s skin. The hole will give the doctor access to the tubes.

The contraception does not affect a married couple’s sex drive. Men will still ejaculate normally and have erections. As sperms contribute only 2-3% of semen, even the quantity of semen remains same to naked eye.

Thinking Twice Before Considering Vasectomy as Contraception

All couples are asked to think twice before undergoing the procedure. You have to be certain that you no longer want to have any children. If you still have hesitations, it’s better to use different contraceptives first.

In addition, a man should also discuss the decision with his partner. Some men tend to decide hastily after his partner’s delivery of their baby. Before deciding for the future, let the big change in your life pass for a while.

The Chances of Pregnancy after Vasectomy Procedure

The pregnancy rate after a vasectomy is 1 to 1,000 during the first year of the procedure. In addition, after five years of the procedure, chances will increase to 2 up 10 out of 1,000. There are different studies which have proven that less than one percent of pregnancy chances is given to a couple after the contraception.

According to experts, you will not be certain a man’s semen is free of sperm unless the semen specimen after vasectomy (SSAV) confirms it. The analysis will precisely verify whether you still need to use other contraceptive methods or not.

How Does a Woman Get Pregnant after a Vasectomy?

There are different ways a woman can get pregnant even when her partner has had a vasectomy. The first one is having sexual intercourse without confirming whether the sperm count is zero or not. It takes several months after a vasectomy before a confirmation of having a zero sperm count is achieved.

Doctors believe that a man will remain sterile for two months following the procedure. This is equivalent to 25 ejaculations at most. This is the reason why most couples are advised to use other contraceptive options before semen analysis is confirmed.

Reversal of a vasectomy could be done by the sperm itself. Some couples experience a failed vasectomy due to sperm finding microscopic channels to reach the penis. According to experts, this may be due to scar tissue. Semen analysis also involves checking whether a man has developed micro channels after the operation. The statistics of pregnancy after a vasectomy shows that it could happen in 1 out of 4,000 patients.

Surgical errors may occur as well, leading to unexpected pregnancy. If you undergo the operation, make sure you hire a skilled doctor. It is best to ask a professional urologist to reduce surgical risks.

A urologist is responsible for patients with medical concerns relative to their reproductive organs. He or she will take care of the physical examination and medical history assessment to determine your eligibility for the operation.

Is the Reversal of a Vasectomy Possible Through an Operation?

The odds of a pregnancy after a vasectomy could be heightened if the procedure is reserved. There is a medical procedure that could help your partner ejaculate sperms again in semen (as sperm production doesn’t stop after vasectomy). The operation is usually done under anesthesia and will involve reconnecting the vas deferens. This will let sperm travel through the penis during ejaculation.

After the initial procedure, the doctor will confirm if sperm could already be found in the semen. Once traced, a vasovasostomy will follow. Otherwise, a vasoepididymostomy will be done to store the sperm and cope with blockages in the epididymis.

Your doctor will advise you to undergo regular semen analysis after the reversal. Every few months, the physician will check if the count is normal.

From the aforementioned facts, you should carefully consider whether or not you want to go through with the procedure. In addition, always take regard for your family’s future. You could coordinate with your urologist if you would like to learn more about the chances of pregnancy after a vasectomy.

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