Doing Pedicure while pregnant – what you need to know

pedicureWhich woman won’t be happy to welcome their young baby with some pretty toenails? Maybe a fresh pink pastel or new purple pedicure?

You can almost see the naked sandals now…going home… with your baby. Nevertheless, when pregnant, some women may never do pedicures.

If you love keeping toenails painted, you will have trouble fathoming how to polish your toenails. Here is our guide for giving your pretty but swollen feet the love they deserve.

When can I go for my pedicure?

We are pretty sure that during your second trimester, the morning sickness is behind you and you have some ounce of energy to spare.

Hence this is the safest time to indulge in these fabulous offers. In contrast, during the third trimester, some moms-to-be are willing to induce labor naturally. Can we blame them?

In the third trimester, it is almost impossible to sit or stand without major willpower.

Gel pedicure

It takes nothing to hit the salon for a long-lasting solution to your nails, but hold it, sister. Compounds contained in the gel polish are potentially toxic to you and your unborn baby.

Though the gel will not seep through the nails, it will get into your body through the nail bed.

Besides this, the ultraviolet lamp is the deal breaker whether you are pregnant or not. The UV rays can potentially lead to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and not to mention cancerous cells.

To be safe stick to a regular pedicure and choose your polish wisely. be on the lookout for a polish that contains dibutyl phthalate (dBP), toluene, and formaldehyde. When it’s time to dry your toenails, always opt for fan-drying.

How important is pedicure to your health?

First of all, pedicures leave your body in comfort and freshness. Unclipped and dull nails look unattractive and put your health at risk.

Toenails touch everything your feet come in contact with. More importantly, dirty toenails contain parasite eggs that are transferable to your hands when you touch your legs.

General Pregnancy Pedicure Tips To Consider

There are several things to pay homage when doing your pedicure.

  • Splurge at the spa
    This not only gets you beautiful nails but someone to massage your tired tootsies. This helps ease the swelling and refresh your circulation. Once in a while, it’s good to give up some indulgence for the sheer bliss of soaking your feet, getting toenails warm and foot massage.
  • Pedicure kit
    Cary a pedicure kit to the salon if possible. You do not want to take chances with unsterilized pedicure set.
  • Do not overdo regular nail polish
    Even the regular polish may contain formaldehyde that causes respiratory problems when inhaled. Acetone based polish removers contain chemical substances that are harmful to your pregnancy. Doctors may observe your lips and toenail colors to check your oxygen levels. This is difficult to accomplish when your nails are covered in polish.
  • Rope someone into doing your pedicure at home
    I’m sure your loved ones will be obliged to help you paint your nails. There are several women who’ve asked their husbands to do their toenails and actually did a great job!
  • Indulge your kids in the pedicure
    Have a spa party with your children. Daughters will have fun painting your toenails, giving massages as long as you don’t stare. Their pedicure will be better than you think. This will spare you some time to take an afternoon nap.
  • Choose a well-ventilated spa
    A seat near the window is your safest option. This is where there are fewer fumes than at the back of the room. Nausea can make you uncomfortable in the wave of unpleasant smells in the salon.
  • Observe sanitation
    Ensure that the tubs are sanitized and disposable linings are used. You don’t want to get bacterial infections when the antibiotics for resulting infections are wacky.
  • Do your pedicure regularly
    During the pregnancy period toenails grow faster than usual. Regular pedicure prevents a buildup of dirt and parasites. Alternatively, you can do your pedicures at home, whenever you can.

How to do your own home pedicure

  1. Soak your feet. Use warm water and salt to soften your skin and cuticles for at least ten minutes. Then remove any old or crusty nail polish.
  2. Trim your toenails straight across using a clipper. Leave a little bit of the white tip.
  3. File gently around the outer edges of each nail.
  4. Buff out the callused spots of the feet using a pumice stone. This makes your skin soft once more. You could use an exfoliating scrub to achieve the same.
  5. Then rinse your feet with warm water.
  6. Rub your feet with rich containing Shea butter foot cream to lock in moisture.
  7. Place tissues between your toes and apply base nail polish. Then end this procedure by applying your favorite palate of nail polishes. Dip and brush away, while wiping the excess at the cuticle line.
  8. Let it dry and finish up with topcoat to prevent chipping.

Our recommendation

You may prefer pedicures during the first trimester. Generally, pedicures are safe but there are sensitive pressure points on the feet that could induce labor.[1]

Remember: Women experience many blood clots during pregnancy hence the need to watch out the amount of pressure used in the foot and leg massage.

Pedicure during pregnancy is perfect. No need to double take – we are serious! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean your feet can’t be loved.
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  1. Will getting a pedicure help you go into labor? [Link]
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