Best Pregnancy Shoes – Making Your Journey More Pleasant

Pregnancy shoesPregnancy is arguably the most beautiful thing any woman can experience, but not without its share of challenges and discomforts. It’s not only difficult to find a comfortable and safe sleeping position, but plane travel isn’t easy either.

If that’s not all, swollen feet and ankles are almost inevitable. Some women even experience a change in their feet sizes. So this explains why your shoes don’t seem to fit right anymore.

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Unfortunately, the foot growth is often permanent thus brace yourself for the unexpected change. But the good news is (yes, there is good news), it only occurs during the first pregnancy.

With the swelling and growing feet it definitely makes sense to invest in the best pregnancy shoes to keep you as comfortable as possible during your journey.

There are no pregnancy shoes per se, but rather suitable shoes to wear during pregnancy. So we are going to share some of the most comfortable footwear to support your swollen feet and ankles.

Also, if your feet size keeps getting bigger, don’t worry, we’ve got it covered too. Keep reading!


Product NameUpper MaterialOutsole MaterialWeightBest for
Sanuk Women’s FlatHempRubber6 lbs.Summer/All day comfort
Vionic with Orthaheel TideSyntheticRubber2 lbs.Arch support/Pain relief
UGG Women’s ClassicSuedeSynthetic5 lbs.Winter
Sketchers Women’s EmpireMesh Upper and Faux LeatherSynthetic14.4 oz.Walking
Tom ClassicsTextileSynthetic2 lbs.Summer/All day comfort
Birkenstock ArizonaSyntheticSynthetic2 lbs.Extra foot support

Before diving into our product reviews, let’s take a quick look at different types of shoes you can rock during your pregnancy and some tips to help you along.


If there is a type of shoe you can never go wrong with when pregnant is sandals. They are not only easy to put on but give your feet plenty of room to breathe.

However, not all sandals are suitable to wear during pregnancy so;

  • Opt for sandals that provide a little arch support
  • Look for sandals that have elastic or adjustable straps for ultimate comfort
  • Avoid sandals that feature straps at the center because that’s where most of the swelling happen
  • If possible, stay away from ankle strap sandals. However, if the strap is adjustable or elastic, you can go for it as it will provide you with some extra room to grow.

Flip Flops

Just like sandals, flip-flops are considered as functional shoes; easy to put on and off, allow your feet to expand and keep your feet cool in warmer climates.

However, flip-flops offer no or little arch support so your toes do all the gripping to keep them on. So you should make a point of getting well-fitting shoes.


Flats is another very good choice for moms to be. They are basically easy-to-style go-to shoes, easy to put on and take off, extremely comfortable and adequately support your feet. What more could you ask for? But when it comes to flats;

  • Go for the one with a stretchy material as it can accommodate your swollen feet
  • Whenever possible, opt for plain flats with no extras like metal details or pearl beads. These details whoever lovely, may not allow room for the shoe to stretch.

Athletic Shoes

Also known as sneakers, these shoes offer great arch support and minimize the impact on the feet. They are extremely comfortable, quite stylish and can be worn during any season of the year.

Besides, most of them are available in wider widths to accommodate your swelling and growing feet. So when shopping for sneakers;

  • No laces to tie the better. Sneakers with laces will require you to bend over and tie the shoe which can be a bit of hustle considering your pregnancy situation
  • Sneakers with laces have almost no stretch to them hence they may not accommodate your swelling feet.
  • Opt for slip-on sneakers with none of the lace-up fuss
  • Go for wider sizes if available.


As much as boots offer great arch and ankle support, they can be a bit difficult and uncomfortable to put on for women who struggle with swollen feet and ankles.

However, they are quite stylish and do come in handy during winter. So if you decide to go the boots way;

  • Wider options can provide the comfort you need
  • Opt for slip-ons and flat soles versions
  • If you need height, look for boots with low heels
  • Go for ankle boots instead of knee-high boots
  • Look for boots with elasticated back for quick and easy fit.

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for Pregnancy Shoes

There are some things to think about when buying your next pair of shoes during pregnancy. It can be challenging considering the change of the feet sizes.

But knowing what to look for will give you a better idea of how the shoes should look and feel like the next time you find yourself in the market for a new pair of shoes. The goal at the end of the day is to find a comfortable pair of shoes right?


Stability is one of the most important features you need in shoes especially if you are planning to stand for long hours or go for a walk. Even so, the extra baby weight adds more pressure on your joints (knees and heels in particular) as well as ligaments.

This, of course, can create more swelling and pain –usually moderate but can become more pronounced if your shoes do not provide the much-needed support.

If it’s your first baby or you are in your final stages of pregnancy, a good pair of shoes that provides comfort and support might really come in handy.

Ease of putting on and taking off

When you are pregnant, there’s so much to deal with. Bending down to tie and untie your shoes should be least of your worries. With the growing belly, this becomes more of a chore than a simple 30 seconds task.

Calling out for help every time you want to go out can become annoying at some point. So to save yourself and people around you the trouble, get shoes that are easy to put on and take off.

Extra roomy fit

As your pregnancy progresses, the shoe size that you’d worn all your life might suddenly feel too tight. Swollen and growing feet being the obvious culprits.

Whether your swelling is slight or your feet feel like a balloon, you’d probably need a pair of shoes to keep your feet as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

That’s why you should seriously consider getting a shoe that’s half to a full size bigger than your regular shoe size. Not only will it give your feet more comfort and room to wiggle your toes, but better mobility as well.

Here are other tips that can help keep your feet happy and pain-free;

  • You may want to stop wearing heels as they add unnecessary pressure to your feet, back and knees.
  • If you need a bit of height, try low wedges as they provide great balance and stability. Besides, you can never go wrong with a pair of low heel wedges.
  • Opt for breathable shoes to keep your feet cool, dry and protected.
  • The best time to buy shoes is when your feet are swollen so as to get the right fit.
  • Rubber-soled shoes provide more cushion for added comfort as well as a lot of traction as you walk around.
  • You may probably have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Need help in finding the best shoes for your pregnancy needs? Here’s a list of the 6 best options for you to consider as you make your selection.

Sanuk Women’s Flat

Available in three different color combinations, the Sanuk Women’s Flat shoe is a fantastic option for any expectant mother out there. It’s incredibly light, flexible, and you can easily slip them on and off whenever you like it. The elastic gore ensures an easy and comfortable fit.

The outsole is made of the highly durable rubber to ensure great grip on even the slipperiest of surfaces. As a pregnant woman, it is extremely important that you take every measure to keep yourself and the baby safe.

The featured soft EVA footbed provides the perfect amount of support while you move around and also keeps your shoe odor-free. *Always ensure your feet are dry before putting the shoes on to avoid damaging the footbed materials.

The upper hemp fabric is as durable as it is lightweight, absorbs moisture quite well and its highly breathable. Besides, it dries up rather quickly. This makes it the perfect go-to hot weather shoes.


  • Offer great traction
  • Breathable fabric to keep your feet cozy and dry all day long
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Slip-on design


  • Does not come in half sizes

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Vionic with Orthaheel Tide

This pair of sandals is a great choice for anyone struggling with foot, ankle and knee pain. In fact, it was specifically designed to reduce pressure on the above joints.

The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort as the Vionic with Orthaheel Tide is quite fashionable and appealing, thanks to its unique sequin fabric upper. It also features a soft fabric lining for added comfort.

In addition, it boasts an orthotic footbed which provides excellent cushioning, comfort and arch support for relief of heel and foot pain.

The flexible Eva midsole is combined with the shoe rubber sole for superior shock absorption upon impact and also holds your foot in place with every step. On top of this, the deep heel cup also provides great stability and adds extra comfort while walking.


  • Pain relief footwear
  • Great arch support
  • Available in a huge range of color options
  • Easiest to slip on and off
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Wide enough to accommodate your swelling feet


  • Not available in half sizes
  • The arch is a bit high and can be uncomfortable for some women

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UGG Women’s Classic

As mentioned above, putting on boots is not the easiest of tasks especially at your final stages of pregnancy. But sometimes the cold weather forces you to wear boots in order to stay warm.

You can as well wear them regardless of what the weather forecast states to prove being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up your personal style.

With that said, you can never go wrong with the UGG Women’s Classic. These boots will keep your feet dry and stylish as you hit the rails or the slushy pavement.

The suede upper material ensures durability, while the double-sided Twinface sheepskin lining ensures ultimate comfort. It also features nylon binding for a complete shoe protection.

Since suede is known to absorb water quickly, you can use water repellent to keep them a bit more water-resistant.

The soft woolen insole is made to cushion your feet while keeping them dry and toasty warm inside. The outsole is not only flexible and lightweight but has shock absorbancy to really reduce the impact on the ground as well.

This makes them the perfect shoes for walking in cold weather.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Keep your feet warm and cozy
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Sheepskin fur
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible for a boot


  • Comes in limited sizes
  • Can be difficult to take off
  • Not suitable during rainy days

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Sketchers Women’s Empire

Whether you are a sneaker kind of girl or not, investing in a good pair of sneakers is a must. Presuming you’ll be doing a bit of walking because it’s obviously the best exercise for a pregnant woman, you’ll need a pair of shoes that can handle the heel to toe rolling motion routine.

And the Sketchers Women’s Empire sneakers are among the best in the business.

There is no doubt that this one of the best sneaker-style shoes based on its construction. It features a smooth mesh fabric upper with a faux leather panel design which is highly breathable and can withstand scratches and scrapes.

It comes with slip resistant sole and an insanely comfortable slip-on design.

Moreover, the Relaxed fit design gives your feet plenty of room to breathe. The memory foam footbed plus the padded tongue and collar provide a double dose of comfort and support.

Basically, this footwear checks all the boxes as its comfortable, roomy, flexible, lightweight, stylish and provides excellent support with good traction.


  • Come in half sizes
  • Has shock absorbancy points
  • Available in different colors
  • Incredibly light and comfortable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not available in wide sizes
  • The sizing could be better

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Tom Classics

While these flats might look like they are not good enough to be on the list, you will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these shoes can be. Looks can really be deceiving especially when you put this Tom Classics flats on.

With the easy, laid-back upper canvas slip-on style, these flats are capable of complementing your everyday look. In addition to this, it contains a stretch gore panel to make slipping on and off easily.

The shoes are made of a lightweight synthetic sole which provides the right balance of support and flexibility to the shoe.

If you thought the slip-on design is the only feature that makes these shoes the best option for warmer months, let us enlighten you.

These anything-but-ugly flats feature a textile lining which is highly breathable, meaning it absorbs moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry all day long.

The most impressive bit about this particular model is the Toms brand donates portions of every purchase to charity. So get yourself some Tom flats and be part of this noble cause.


  • Comes in a wide variety of color options
  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Come in half sizes


  • Does not come in wide sizes

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Birkenstock Arizona

If your feet and ankles swell up like balloons whether it’s summer or winter, standing or sitting; no matter what you do or don’t do, you should definitely get the Birkenstock Arizona shoes.

They may not be the most attractive pair on the market but are definitely one of the most comfortable sandals out there.

These slip-on sandals feature faux leather straps which gently hugs the foot to add security to your step. Besides, the straps are adjustable for a completely customizable comfort.

The featured cork insole molds itself to the shape of your foot, enhancing foot comfort by providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning. The outsole, on the other hand, is designed to provide great traction on a variety of different surfaces.


  • Superior comfort and adequate support
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comes in a range of color choices and patterns
  • Wide enough to accommodate your swelling feet


  • It’s a bit expensive

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We hope you find this guide useful when choosing your next pregnancy footwear. If you have any information that you feel needs to be included, or find any omissions or mistakes, please leave a comment below.

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