6 Month Pregnant: What to Expect? Symptoms and Signs

Are you counting down the months until you give birth? If so, you might reach your sixth month of pregnancy and would like to know what to expect during this time.

Not to worry, you have come to the right place as this article will highlight some of the important things that you should be aware of.

Let’s start with the fetal development at the sixth month of pregnancy.

Six months of pregnancy correlate to roughly twenty-one or twenty-five weeks. At this time, your baby has not reached maturity but its skin will no longer be transparent. His or her body will start to develop and grow between week twenty-one and twenty-four.

The size of the head was bigger than the body at the beginning stages, but the body will now get back some of the differences. When the second trimester ends, your baby’s size should be around twenty centimeters long.

An average baby weighs about two pounds at six months of pregnancy. This will be very encouraging and no doubt you are going to be even happier because nothing is more fulfilling than to feel and see a baby grow.

The baby’s eyelids will start to the part in order to open up as they had been sealed shut from the first trimester. Although the eyes are developing they are not mature because this will only happen when the sixth month ends.

On the other hand, the lungs are one of the last organs to develop during pregnancy, but they will already start to take shape.

The little one will have also grown as much as needed to set certain sleeping hours and develop a routine when sleeping in your womb.

The skin of your baby will be reddish in color and look quite wrinkled from being covered in amniotic fluid. At the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby will continue to swallow amniotic fluid which will aid his/her digestive system to practice for what will happen in the real world.

It is quite common for hiccups to come in the sixth month. The veins and blood vessels will be visible through the translucent skin and fat will continue to deposit beneath the skin.

In the event that your baby is born prematurely at twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, he or she will have about a fifty percent chance to survive outside the womb.

Changes to expect when you are in the sixth month of pregnancy

When you reach this stage your uterus will probably be between one to two inches over your belly button. By now, you will have gained about ten to fifteen pounds.

You’re probably feeling very good although your uterus will continue to expand and grow each week. You are less likely to experience morning sickness and fatigue from now onwards.

Some new symptoms might come this month, including severe back pains, heartburn, and flatulence.

If you were glowing in the last month it will subside slowly as you become increasingly more uncomfortable and tired. You might experience some mild swelling in your feet and ankles. Now will be a good time to get nightly back and foot rubs.

Other common symptoms in the sixth month include edema or water retention. You might also notice more vaginal mucus being secreted than ever before with a faint odor in a clear to yellowish color.

You should contact your doctor if it is foul smelling because it could be a sign of an infection. It is quite common for women to have urinary tract infections during pregnancy.

You might notice stretch marks on your skin as well as experience itchiness as your skin continues to stretch in order to accommodate your expanding belly.

You could rub your belly with circular movements to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks and ease tension on the skin.

At the moment, there is no foolproof solution to prevent pregnancy stretch marks from appearing, but applying lotion can help your skin to stretch a lot more easily as well as relieve itching and dryness.

During the sixth month of your pregnancy, you should start a registry or be making plans on starting one in order to be prepared. You won’t need a lot for your baby right away, just somewhere for him or her to sleep, diapers, a car seat, wipes, some type of carrier, and several onesies or jumpsuits.

On a final note, you should take time to get some pampering during the sixth month of pregnancy. You want to enjoy yourself when it’s still possible because this month might be the last time you have to walk without waddling around.

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