Sugar Pregnancy Test – How to Take it and is it Reliable

Sugar pregnancy TestPregnancy can be an exciting time. And generally, we want to know as soon as possible when we do become pregnant.

Not only does that give the mom more time to enjoy the pregnancy and find doctors and such, but it also allows the mom to change up habits if necessary and really get into pregnancy mode.

But what do you do when there are no stores open and you are just dying to find out if you are pregnant? That’s where homemade pregnancy tests come in handy.

They can be made with a multitude of ingredients in the household whereby the interaction/or lack thereof with the household item can determine if you are pregnant or not.

One such household item, one which the majority of people have in their home is sugar. It’s inexpensive and readily available.

Note: home-made tests aren’t based on scientific facts and they cannot provide reliable results

Let’s take a look at how the sugar test works and if you can really trust the results.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Regardless if you are using a homemade pregnancy test or one that you bought in a store, the best time to test for pregnancy and feel confident about the results is with the first morning urine of the day and also when you miss your period.

The morning is the preferable time because that’s when the highest amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is in your system.

Now, this again is an estimate because in reality if you are pregnant the hCG hormones will be in your system all day long.

It’s suggested though and thought that if you take a test with your first urine of the day it will be more concentrated because you were sleeping all night, and everything is now concentrated during that timeframe.

So, you could take the test whenever you would like during the day.

How to Test and Read the Results

Now comes the fun part. It’s simple, just like a regular pregnancy test except with sugar as the determining factor of pregnancy.

Collect a sample of urine. In a separate, clean bowl have a few spoonfuls of simple white sugar. Pour the urine over the sugar and wait.

Now that you have waited if you notice that the sugar forms clumps then it’s stated that you are pregnant. If the sugar dissolves and it doesn’t clump then you are not pregnant. Simple as that.

Can You Trust the Results?

Tests like this are based on old wives tales. They have no basis in science and it has not been proven to be accurate. So no, you cannot trust this test, unfortunately!

However, like a lot of old wives tales, these have been passed down from generations in which they did work for some people.

While they might not be based on scientific evidence, they can be fun to do.

Good luck in your pregnancy journey and hope you have fun with the sugar pregnancy test!

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