Pregnancy Month By Month – What To Expect Each Month Of The Pregnancy

Did you just find out that you are pregnant, or are you doing the preparations to enter this magnificent period of your life? Pregnancy is definitely a process that amazes us all. How incredible a woman’s body is to start and develop a new form of life.

pregnancy month by monthIt is a period when you will experience so many changes, some of them pleasant while others may be not be. Your body will shift its shape, the hormone levels will go overboard, your feet will swell, and many more developments will take place. But, in the end, it is all worth it.

Get prepared by looking at what is happening in each month of the pregnancy. Still, do have in mind that this is general information and may not occur in the case of each woman because we are all different.

The first trimester

1st month

In the first weeks of pregnancy, there aren’t too many signs. You may find out that you are pregnant if your period is late and you do a pregnancy test, since your baby measures just a few millimeters.

There are no visible signs, although you may feel more tired than usual, experience nausea, the need to urinate frequently, tenderness in your breast area, and you may even develop sensitivity to certain foods and smells. In the fourth week you will be able to see a dark circle on an ultrasound. This is where your baby will develop. Continue reading.

2nd month

It is the month when you will start feeling that you are pregnant. A small tummy may appear and your mind will also feel your new status. If you suffered from food sensitivity, tiredness, and nausea before, they could get more severe during this month.

You may experience various moods, since your hormones are also changing. During a sonogram, you will see something that resembles a bean tied to the umbilical cord.

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3rd month

This is when the embryo forms, so the ultrasounds will present a small human that is starting to catch a shape. It is also the month when you will feel that your breasts are growing, together with your abdomen.

As you are heading toward the end of this trimester, your nausea and food sensibility will improve. Also, if you feel better, this is the time to start doing some exercises suitable for pregnant women.

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The second trimester

4th month

This is the month when you will need to change your clothes. Regular clothes will start to not suit you anymore, so you may require maternity clothes. The hormones are almost in balance now, so you may feel in great shape.

During this month, you will also experience the first movements of your baby, described as butterflies or bubbles inside the tummy. On ultrasounds, the sex of the baby is clearly visible and the details of the face can also be spotted. It is the time when you can take prenatal classes and be prepared for motherhood. Read on…

5th month

By this time, your tummy is approximately the size of a small melon. Your appetite may increase and you can start feeling tired, due to the extra weight you are carrying around. But, at the same time, you will be glowing with happiness.

The baby’s movements are starting to be more intense. More and more details of your baby are showing on ultrasounds, like small fingers and his head.

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6th month

Your tummy is quite large and visible at this point, and the baby starts kicking a lot. You will also feel maternal instincts flowing in, as your body is getting prepared for labor and for you to become a mother. You should start taking care of the skin on your tummy, as it may get itchy as it stretches around your growing womb.

A heartburn sensation may intensify, as the stomach is pushed upward by the baby. Leg cramps, bleeding gums, and constipation are other things that may occur at this moment.

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The third trimester

7th month

The bones of the baby are becoming visible on the sonogram as they grow and harden. The eyes are also open at this time. The baby will begin kicking more, and your hands and legs may become swollen and sore. You may even feel your joints looser than usual, as the body continues to make preparations for the moment of birth.

Also, if you feel some sort of contractions, don’t be scared, as they are non-productive contractions. Still, not all women experience them, so it’s no problem if you don’t either. This is also the best time to prepare your maternity leave and make plans about the baby’s room and other details. The delivery is approximately two months away. More information here.

8th month

Your husband can enjoy the movements of the baby since they can be quite visible from the outside as well. The baby will also be positioned with his head down, getting ready for the moment of birth. The strong kicks are also because the muscles are developing and growing at this stage.

Because the baby grows and gains weight rather fast in this month, you may start feeling tired rather often. Due to the size of the baby, you will also start feeling uncomfortable as the young one pushes against your ribs and organs.

You will also feel a pressure in the pelvic area, as the baby slowly descends, and the non-productive contractions may come more often. Read this article for more information.

9th month

The baby is now in the lowest position inside the abdomen, ready to get out when the time comes. The countdown for the moment of delivery has started and may happen any time.

Also, the weight gain of the baby continues. Mood shifts will be present, feeling tired now and full of energy in the next minute. This is because the anxiety level grows, as you expect the arrival of your newborn baby.

You may feel lighter and breathe more easily, as the baby descends and gives you more room in the abdomen. You may also experience what is called “nesting,” meaning you will have the feeling of getting the house ready to welcome your baby. You will be monitored more closely by the doctor and the visits will increase in case you pass the estimated due date.

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