8 Month Pregnant: What to Expect? Symptoms and Signs

It is very important for a woman to take great care of herself during her eighth month of pregnancy. At this time, the baby bump will have grown significantly larger. If you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, then you should prepare to experience and see a number of changes.

Use the information below to learn more about why taking care of yourself during your eighth month of pregnancy is very important.

We will start by looking at the changes that you can expect in your body.

You will experience frequent breathlessness due to the fact that your growing bump is causing your diaphragm and lungs to compress.

Urine leakage will bother you every now and then when you lift heavy items, sneeze, or cough.

Your feet and hands will swell as fluid retention starts to increase during this month.

False contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions will increase as your body prepares for labor. Your uterus will harden and then release to imitate a real contraction.

Your routine could also be disrupted by constipation, heartburn, dizziness, and hot flashes.

By the end of the eighth month of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid will lessen in your womb and a little will escape every now and then. This amniotic fluid smells and looks different from urine.

Your nipples will continue to leak colostrum as your breasts gear up for the looming lactation.

Changes in the Baby

Rapid cognitive development will occur in the baby’s brain. At this stage, the neurons will quickly multiply as your baby starts to understand and make a connection with you.

At the eighth month of pregnancy, your baby should settle in the cephalic position (head down).

Further, if it’s a baby boy, his testicles will start to slowly migrate to his abdomen. If it’s a girl, her vulva will develop.

Toward the end of this month, your baby should grow to around 50 centimeters in length and weigh approximately 4 pounds.

Precautions to Take During Month 8 of Pregnancy

You should:

Drink a lot of water, fluids, and fruit juices to restock your body with minerals and stay hydrated to deal with issues such as heartburn, constipation, and decreasing blood sugar.

Do breathing exercises to help with feelings of breathlessness. You can do Kegel exercises to get relief from incontinence as well as to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Always maintain a good posture. If you start to feel very uncomfortable, you can use a cushion when lying down. Continue sleeping on your left side. Sitting straight up with proper back support will also help to avoid pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Maintain your fitness even though it will be absolutely difficult for you to continue working out. It is important to do basic stretch exercises and yoga. Get a trainer to help with this, and be sure to consult your doctor before starting any fitness routine.

Whether or not you feel hungry, ensure that you are eating a nutritious diet during the eighth month of pregnancy.

Your baby will be growing more inside you and his/her weight at birth is going to be determined by your diet. Eat meals which are short and fulfilling at regular intervals if you are not able to have large meals.

Draw up a birth plan to choose the type of birth you want, who you would like to present at that time, and so on.

Delegate work at this time to others so that you are able to get the required rest. You might want to take a step back if you are accustomed to working at the office overtime.

You should not:

Eat certain foods if you want to avoid constipation and heartburn. These include oily, spicy, acidic, and junk foods.

Smoke, drink alcoholic beverages or do drugs. You have to get rid of these addictions to ensure that your baby is healthy. Join a good support group to get help with any withdrawal issues if you are battling an addiction.

Stress too much as excessive worrying can impact your baby directly. Try to avoid negative thoughts, loud places, and hostile environments. You have to do your best to instill calm and peace in your life as much as possible to improve your situation.

Here are some other important tips to keep in mind:

Try to take it easy and have a small holiday if possible. If you are a single, pregnant woman without the help of a partner, you can plan something with some of your good friends.

If you have a partner, consider planning a quiet, small getaway. Use this time to share your feelings about becoming parents as well as the prospects in the future. This sharing will help to reduce lots of strain on the brain.

Pregnancy is generally a life-changing experience, and you will have lots of things happening in the coming days. For this reason, you should use your eighth month of pregnancy to relax and unwind as much as you possibly can.

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