Best Tampons for Swimming

Best Tampons for SwimmingEven if you’re someone who prefers pads, you should admit that they’re somewhat limiting. That bulky feel of an extra layer, that fear of them moving to one side, if the glue gives away, and the dreaded rash and itchiness are some common complications.

If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced any of this, you’ll have to agree on the fact that pads, at least, aren’t the best choice when you want to go swimming during your period.

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Tampons are pretty convenient that way. Modern, high-quality tampons are now being designed for ladies who are constantly on the move.

These keep up by a number of safeguarding features that stay in action whether you are sleeping, swimming, or just going about your business. Here are the best tampons for swimming currently available out there.

Our Top Picks

Playtex Sport TamponsRegular, Super, and Super Plus AvailableDouble Layer of Interlocking Fibers, Move the Way You Move, Contoured Applicator Included, Both Scented and Unscented Available
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons (Ultra)Super, Super Plus, Regular, and Ultra AvailablePurified and Woven Absorbent Fiber Core, Contoured Applicator Included, Scented and Unscented Available
Tampax Pearl Plastic TamponsLight, Regular, Super, Super Plus, and Ultra AvailablLeakGuard Braid, FormFit Protection up to 8 Hours, Smooth Removal Layer, Smooth Plastic Applicator Included
U By Kotex Click Compact Tampons Regular, Super, and Super Plus AvailableSmooth Tip for Easy Insertion, Compact Applicator Quickly Goes from Full-Sized with a Click, Fragrance-Free

Playtex Sport Tampons

Seems like the Playtex Sport tampons could get you through your swimming sessions smoothly during your period.

Equipped with FlexFit™ technology, the tampons have interlocking fibers to guard against any leaks. Moreover, there are two layers of these fibers to effectively trap leakages.

Surprisingly, however, there are still complaints of leakage from some customers, so it’s better to make sure if these work for you before you go swimming in them!

According to the company, these tampons have a ‘360-degree’ design, meaning that they tend to adjust with your bodily movements to form an effective barrier.

With these tampons moving the way you move, you’ll be able to run, swim, and do all kinds of physical exercises without your period limiting you.

The tampons are available in three different forms, to be chosen according to the intensity of your flow. You may opt for Regular, Super, or Super Plus absorbencies.

However, if you have a heavy flow, it is recommended to keep an eye out for leakages and change your tampon frequently.

Additionally, Scented and Unscented versions are available for you to choose from. The scented version neutralizes any odors and keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day.

For extra comfort during placement, a contoured applicator with a slim tip comes as part of the package so that you can position your tampon precisely.

Overall, these are a good option if you need some reliable protection against leakages during your period, even when swimming.


  • Available for three levels of absorbency, to be used during different flow intensities
  • Adjust with bodily movements to minimize leakage
  • Contoured applicator included in the package
  • Two layers of interlocking fibers


  • Some products may come defected with unusable, pushed-out tampons
  • There are some complaints of leakage despite all the guarding features. It’s better to try these out indoors before you go swimming in them

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Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons (Ultra)

The Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons are one of the best tampons for swimming available out there.

While available in different absorbencies (Super Plus, Super, Ultra, and Regular), the Ultra tampons have the best reviews since they’re the most resistant to leakage.

According to the manufacturer, the tampons are made of a woven, purified fiber washed up to five times so that you can abandon any hygiene worries.

These fibers form an absorbent core which is most effective in the Ultra Gentle Glide tampons.

The tampons are marketed to have 360-degree protection, which means they’re supposed to adjust with your bodily movements and stay plugged in place.

However, only the Ultra version seems to play this role to perfection, with even the Super Plus version not working out for many ladies, causing leakage and messes.

These tampons owe their name to the dye-free, BPA-free, contoured applicator that facilitates them to gently glide into place. Both scented and unscented versions are available in 18- and 36-count packs.

Whether you need these to go swimming on your period, or you need to deal with the heavy flow by itself, the Playtex Ultra Gentle Glide tampons are likely to work well for you.


  • 360-degree protection
  • The Ultra version is reliable against leaks
  • BPA-free applicator included


  • May not work for everyone as far as leakage is concerned
  • Few complaints of discomfort during insertion and usage

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Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons

The Tampax Pearl tampons are another strongly recommended option if you’re looking for the best tampons for swimming.

Their high-quality manufacturing and leak-guarding features have made them a popular choice among active ladies.

These tampons feature a ‘LeakGuard braid’ that is supposed to channel any leaking blood back into the core of the tampon. The outermost layer is smooth enough to keep you comfortable as you go about your day.

Like any other good-quality tampons, these are also made to expand and fit you properly while in use.

The smooth removal layer along with a round-tipped plastic applicator makes insertion and removal of these tampons a breeze.

The applicator is further marketed as having an ‘anti-slip grip’, simply meaning that it hopefully won’t just escape your hands while in use.

A large number of positive reviews along with the popular brand name suggest these tampons as a reliable choice. However, it is still wiser to try these out for yourself on a heavy day before you decide to swim in them!


  • Leak-guarding braid that catches any potential leaks, and channels them back to the tampon core
  • Round-tipped applicator with a smooth grip
  • Comfortable during insertion, usage, and removal
  • Expands while in use to fit your unique anatomy to effectively guard against leaks
  • Good value for money


  • Removal cause some discomfort for sensitive people

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U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons

Kotex is another internationally known brand with quite a few high-quality feminine hygiene products to its credit.

The U by Kotex Click Compact tampons can be saviors for women who have a constant love for adventure, travel, and yes, swimming!

These tampons have been designed to be compact until they ‘click’ into place, upon which they lose no time in expanding to their full size.

This is a win-win for ladies who like keeping their stuff compact while having only the best products at their disposal.

The click tampons ensure smooth insertion as well as a tight, leak-free fit. Just pull the lower half of the tampon until you hear it lock with a clicking sound, and then insert.

These slim, smooth tampons are available as regular, super, and super plus versions having increasing absorbencies respectively. Moreover, the bright wrappers and applicators are good to look at during a cranky period day.

The most common problem some customers are facing with the product is the tampon not coming out of the applicator.

Other than that, it’s better to make sure if it works for you before you go swimming. Choose the most absorbent (super plus) version, and you should be fine!


  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Three levels of absorbency available
  • Expand to their full size with just a click
  • Smooth tips for easy insertion
  • Bright wrappers and applicators


  • Some customers have faced problems with the tampons not leaving the applicator with the pushing feature

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How to Choose a Tampon for Swimming on Your Period

With so many products to choose from, your period should not limit you in any way. Here’s how to pick the best of the lot:


There will be blood, and also maybe some pool water? It’s always better to go with a tampon of higher absorbency when you’re swimming, just in case.

Most tampons come with multiple levels of absorbency to choose from, so you know you must choose the most absorbent one for swimming!


Soft materials that don’t irritate are of course what you should prefer. While you can’t judge by the first touch how comfortable a tampon might be, you should try one out on an off day as a trial before using it outdoors.

Test It Out

One tampon may not work as well for you as it does for your friend. As far as swimming on your period is concerned, make sure to test out the tampon first to see if it can provide adequate protection.


Any site with genuine reviews can be quite helpful in your decision-making process. Check out common customer complaints, and see if they’re minor or bad enough to suggest you stay away.

Have a Splash!

Once you have an awesome-quality product at your disposal, you can abandon any worry of embarrassing messes and enjoy the water with peace of mind.

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