Keeping it Warm: A Guide to Warming Comotomo Bottles

When hunger strikes, your baby begins to cry uncontrollably. And during that moment, you need the best way to warm the Comotomo bottle in the least possible time.

With the baby’s cry filling the room, warming the breastmilk for even 10 minutes seems like an eternity. On the other hand, you don’t wish to overheat the milk.

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An inexperienced nanny or mother may find such an experience traumatizing. You don’t have to bet on the methods of warming Comotomo bottles.

The post outlines the viable methods of heating Comotomo bottles.

What are Comotomo Bottles?

Comotomo bottles are famous baby feeding bottles. Unlike its competitors, Comotomos have large mouths and are hence, easy to clean. In addition, the bottles are of high-quality heat-resistant silicone material.

Such material makes the bottle soft and easy to squeeze. Accordingly, it closely mimics the skin-like texture and soothing feeling of the breast.

What Makes Warming Comotomo Bottles Challenging?

The body of the Comotomo bottle features a blend of heat-resistant silicone and PPSU. Therefore, it can resist heat to about 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

So unlike pure glass or plastic, it isn’t easy to burn. And that implies it won’t heat up very quickly. That’s why the question of how to heat warm Comotomo bottles is common among mums and nannies.

How  to Warm Comotomo Bottles

Warming breast milk in a Comotomo bottle can be challenging. And hence you need the correct methods such as:

  • Use of bottle warmer
  • Microwaving
  • Using running hot or boiling water

Use of Bottle Warmer

Slim, long-neck bottles have the universal fitting ability on all bottle warmers. But a Comotomo bottle shape is unique due to its wide mouth.

Therefore you need a compatible Comotomo bottle warmer for the task.

A viable example of the best bottle warmer is the First Years 2 in one bottle warmer. Besides being pocket friendly, it accommodates wide, narrow, angled, and even disposable bottles. It also doubles as a pacifier sanitizer and warms baby food in a jar.

However, if you need a higher-capacity bottle warmer, Philip Avent makes a better option. Philips Avent offers admirable features such as uniform heating, automatic temperature control, and shut-off.

When the milk has heated, it alerts you through glowing lights. Further, it keeps its content warm for a maximum of an hour.

Take note that Comotomo bottles are silicone and thus take a long time to heat. You may need to warm the milk for five or more minutes.

But don’t overheat the formula or breast milk. Otherwise, you risk destroying the vital nutrients and burning the baby too.

An alternative to warming breast milk in a Comotomo bottle is transferring it to another container. And when the milk has attained the right temperature, transfer it to the Comotomo bottle.

To test milk temperature, splash a few drops on your wrist if it feels comfortable.

Use of Microwave

According to, the bottles are microwave compatible. Besides, the Comotomo bottles are BPA-free. Thus, you won’t worry about the release of toxins from the bottle to the baby’s food.

However, before you rush to warm the breast milk in a microwave, exercise caution. A microwave suffers from non-uniform heating of milk. So it’s likely to form hot patches on the food, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

Further, it presents a high risk of overheating the breastmilk. Ideally, warming the breastmilk should follow a slow and gentle method.

When using a microwave to warm milk in a Comotomo bottle, do the following;

  • Set the microwave to a medium temperature
  • Heat the milk for a very short period
  • Stir the milk before giving it to your baby.

Use of Hot Water

Comotomo bottles feature high-quality silicone material. That gives them the ability to tolerate high heat intensity. For that reason, you can put the Comotomo bottle in boiling water without deforming it.

The everyday glass or plastic baby bottle quickly heats its content when you place it in warm water. But due to the high heat tolerance of silicone, you can’t heat formula milk in a Comotomo bottle using warm water.

Instead, you have to place the silicone bottle in hot boiling water. Alternatively, you can also let the hot water from a tap run on the Comotomo bottle for some minutes.

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How Long Does it Take to Warm a Comotomo Bottle?

The time taken to warm the Comotomo bottle depends on several factors. That includes the method employed and the quantity of milk. For instance, a Philips Avent bottle heats 5 ounces of milk in about 3 minutes.

Can Comotomo Bottles be Heated?

You can heat Comotomo bottles since they possess high heat tolerance. But you can’t heat it directly over the stove. Instead, use a hot boiling water bath, hot running water, bottle warmer, or microwave.

Can You Put Comotomo Bottles in a Warmer?

You can put the Comotomo bottle in a warmer. However, you have to look for a warmer that accommodates wide-neck containers.

Do Comotomo Bottles Cause Colic?

Comotomo bottles do not cause colic. The bottles feature dual anti-colic vents that prevent babies from swallowing air into their tummies.

Furthermore, the bottles employ a wide mound and the natural shape of the nipple. So switching from suckling breastmilk to a Comotomo bottle is effortless.

Which Bottle Warmer Works with Comotomo?

Bottle warmers that work with Comotomo are those that accommodate wide-neck bottles.


It’s wise to learn how to warm Comotomo bottles the right way and within a short period. Whether you are warming formula or breastmilk in a Comotomo bottle, the method is the same. You can employ a bottle warmer, hot boiling water, or even a microwave.

But regardless of the method you use, do not overheat the milk. Doing so can destroy valuable nutrients or harm the baby.

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