How a Push Party Differs from what Is Normally Known as a Baby Shower

push partyWho doesn’t like a good party? Between baby showers and sprinkles, we now have another type of party to help celebrate a beautiful stage in your life, a push party.

Made famous by who some deem the Queen herself, Beyoncé, a push party is to celebrate the mom and is usually reserved for when you are now on your second, third or tenth child.

But Really…What’s the Difference from a Baby Shower or a Sprinkle?

If you are to look at them side by side, there really isn’t much of a difference with regards to the fact that it’s a party celebrating an upcoming baby.

The big difference is though that it’s all-inclusive, meaning that the guest list is not just the ladies this time, everyone is invited (I guess I would have called my baby shower for my first a push party considering, but it was amazing).

So, this is a party where the men and the women are all invited to celebrate the impending birth of the child.

What also makes it different with the addition of men into the mix, is that it’s less about “baby shower themes” such as games based on how big the woman’s stomach is, and baby bottles, and pink or blue, but it’s supposedly more elegant and fun.

But you can still have games that are fun for both men and women.

The Celebration isn’t Just for the Bundle of Joy(s)

Another thing to consider when it comes to a push party is the name and what it stands for. Now we have all heard of a push present, which is the present that the mother gets after she delivers the child(ren).

So, the push party is not only celebrating the new arrival but it’s also celebrating the parents, which means that the gifts don’t have to be just for the baby, they can be for the parents, as well.

So, if you know that the babies are already taken care of (especially after the first), then maybe a gift for the mother is more appropriate, some diapers and then something for the parents such as a massage, or a date night for the new parents.

But What if You Want Games?

Well, there’s always games that can be played that are not as frilly as regular baby shower games[1].

Play bingo, Cads About Maternity, which is a card game like Cards Against Humanity; it’s funny and vulgar and can be played with anyone with a sense of humor.

You can try out baby Pictionary, which is Pictionary with baby related themes that you get to pick and create. Then you can test your significant others drawing skills, or who’s better men or women?

Just Have Fun

A push party is, in reality, just another name for a celebration of life, a celebration of the family that is growing by one or more little ones.

It’s a time to just share the love for the family and as the person throwing the party, or the parents themselves, make it your own. Make it something fabulous.

Take a page from Beyoncé’s[2] book and make it fabulous and epic. How often do we really get to throw a soiree like that other than a wedding (which some don’t even do)?

So, celebrate new life instead and have a party! And if no one throws one for you, throw one for yourself, because you deserve it.


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