31 Popular Non-Binary Names to Consider

Some people aren’t comfortable with names that give away the sex of a child. Instead, they opt to give their children non-binary names (unisex or neutral names).

There are many reasons for choosing non-binary names. They are unique and sound cool. Furthermore, it gives your child the option of identifying with any sex in the future without any worry.

For that reason, here are some common neutral names to consider giving your child;

31 Popular Non-Binary Names to Consider


Adrian as a name has its origin in Greek, and it means rich. Hence, if you want to wish your child good luck and unexpected riches, it’s a viable neutral name to consider.


Aspen is a name with American roots. And its meaning is a quaking tree. It has a close association with the old English term Aespe (adapted from Greek) which means shaking poplar tree.


Asher is yet another non-binary name of Hebrew origin. The name stands for happy or blessed one. Therefore, if you want to wish your little one a blessed future, it’s a worthwhile name.


Some people also spell Addison as Adison, Adyson, Addyson, or Addisyn. But in all the cases, its meaning holds as the child of Adam.


Ariel is a name with Hebrew origin that means the lion of God.  If you need a name for braveness, Ariel is a worthy contender.

Alexis (or Alec)

Alexis signifies the defender or a helper. The name has diverse origin; both Greek and English.


Blair is a Scottish neutral name that means meadow/field. Blair blends two Gaelic words that stand for field and dark. It’s one of the very few unisex names that you can use as your first or second name. Some people also find it cool to spell it as Blare.


If you need a unisex name of English origin for your baby, then Bay is one of your choices. It means sea inlet.


Beck is yet another non-binary name of German origin. It stands for a stream or brook.


Brook is another non-binary name of Irish origin. Just like the English term, it means a small stream/water.

Bobbie (Bobby)

Bobbie applies to both male and female names and it means shining or bright. Accordingly, if you have a baby that’s always cheerful or smiling, you can probably name him or her Bobbie.

Billy (Billie)

You can spell it, Billy or Billie. But, in all variations of the unisex English name, the meaning remains as resolute protector.


If you are looking up to your son or daughter to become a law enforcement officer, then Bailey is a possible name for him or her. It means just that; law enforcer.


Does your baby have broad eyes? Then the unisex name Brady fits the little angel.


The name has two meanings; pretty brook or broken land.


Talk of some of the most famous non-binary names and Carson falls on the list. The name implies the marshland.


Casey is yet another unisex name of Irish origin (gentle sloping green hills of Ireland). It means someone who is vigilant.


Spell it as Charlie or Charley, and it still forms a unisex name. It means free man or independent. The non-binary name is also closely related to Charlotte or Charles.


Cameron is another popular Scottish name that means crooked, stooped, or bent.


Corey, a unisex name, has both German and English roots. In all cases, it means the peace of God.


The Dakota name has its roots in Native America, and it means an Ally/friend. Several actors and celebrities have this name.


The name makes sense in both English and French. It means “from Anvers or green valley”.


Eden name is both biblical and Hebrew in origin, and it means paradise.


The name Emerson comes from the German word “Aimeri” meaning home ruler.


Frankie is a popular unisex name of American origin. It means truthful or free.


It’s a name that’s quickly picking up among unisex names. Finley means a fair hero and it’s common among celebrities too.


If you trace it to the old English term, Hayden means hedged valley.


Jayden name has many variations; Jadon or Jaden. But, irrespective of the spelling, the name is of Hebrew origin and means God will judge, be thankful, or God has heard.


The unisex name has diverse origins across different cultural backgrounds. For example, in Hebrew, it refers to the holiness of Israel.  But in German, it means a warrior. Still, in Hawaiian, it implies ocean or sea.


River is a gender-neutral name of diverse origin. For instance, in Celtic it means dark.


Tanner is a non-binary name of Latin origin. Concerning occupation, it means a leatherworker.


Well, that makes a bunch of famous non-binary names. As you can see, there are plenty of choices of unisex names. You can choose the appropriate name based on implied meaning and your origin. Therefore, from the list what name do you like most?

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