Pampers Pure vs. Swaddlers; Know the Difference

The Pampers Company has been in operation for about 60 years. And within that period, the American firm has learned one or two things about diapers. No wonder it has built a solid reputation.

So when you talk about the top diapers, Pampers Pure and Swaddlers count in the list. And that that’s where many parents and nannies stop. Very few can tell the difference between Pampers pure and Swaddlers.

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So What’s the Difference?

Pampers Pure vs. SwaddlersThe truth is both Pampers Pure and Swaddlers have registered impressive performance with users.

Each parent looks up to providing the best for the child. And you can only make an informed choice if you understand deeply about the two brands.

There are few but significant differences between the two products. Among the substantial differences are added fragrances and a list of ingredients.

In brief, Pampers Pure employs natural ingredients such as cotton. Besides, it’s free from contentious chemicals such as chlorine, fragrances, and latex.

On the other hand, Swaddlers doesn’t use natural ingredients. Furthermore, the diaper is scented. However, Swaddlers (newborn size) has a unique feature that protects the delicate umbilical cord.

So here is a quick overview of the two.

Pampers PurePampers Swaddlers
Free from Fragrance and LotionYESNO
Uses Plant-Based MaterialsYESNO
Wetness IndicatorYESYES
Up to 12 Hours Dryness ProtectionYESYES
Having Umbilical Cord NotchNOYES

Pampers Pure

Pampers Pure diaper offers 12 hours of dryness protection. That means you can use it overnight. So you won’t have to wake up frequently in the night to change the baby diaper.

You don’t have to guess how wet the diaper has become. Pampers Pure has a wetness indicator. So monitoring the baby becomes easy. From the color change, you can tell of the degree of wetness.

Further, the diaper doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. So it’s free from chlorine (0%), parabens, latex, and fragrances. The brand states that the diaper is free from the EU 26 allergens and lotion.

Moreover, the brand claims that Pampers Pure is hypoallergenic. That makes it skin-friendly, even for delicate baby skin.

It also employs soft premium cotton. Furthermore, it only uses sustainably sourced cotton. Its use of natural ingredients further boosts its hypoallergenic ability.

The diaper can fit babies of varying ages and weights. That’s because the company makes diapers in varying sizes. The sizes vary from newborn to size 6. That covers children of less than 10lbs to more than 35lbs.

What We Like About It:

  • Uses no toxic ingredients such as chlorine, latex, and perfumes
  • Offers 12hours of dryness protection
  • Soft and hypoallergenic
  • No guessing of wetness; has a wetness indicator
  • Uses sustainably sourced cotton; environmentally friendly
  • It comes in a variety of sizes

What We Don’t Like About It:

  • High price tag
  • Few cases about leaks

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Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers promises 12 hours of leak-proof protection. It does that by using absorb-away liners and dual leak guard barriers. For that reason, it offers an extra absorbency ability than ordinary diapers.

By glancing at the wetness indicator, you know when to change the diaper. Thus it negates the need for guessing the wetness condition. The color change notifies you of the degree of wetness of the diapers.

As a distinct feature, Swaddlers boast an umbilical cord notch feature (for the newborn size). So, it cares for the delicate belly of the baby.

Therefore the umbilical cord cutout for the baby offers a comfortable fit. Besides, it minimizes the chances of the fresh wound developing infection.

Its soft flexible sides blend well with the delicate skin of babies. Swaddlers offer a blanket-like soft feel for the baby.

What We Like About It:

  • Ultra-soft
  • It has a wetness indicator
  • Outstanding protection and comfort on the umbilical cord
  • 12 hours protection

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Many counterfeit Swaddlers are in the market

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Outstanding Differences Between Pampers Pure and Swaddlers


Pampers Pure doesn’t employ any scent in the diapers. However, Swaddlers isn’t scent-free. Many users have realized that it registers a baby powder-like fragrance. Some parents like the smell. And on the other hand, others hate it too.

Absorbent Fluff Pulp

The fluff pulp refers to the material that is in the absorbent core. Both Pampers Pure and Swaddlers employ wood-derived fluff pulp.

The only difference is that Pampers Pure comes out clean to say it has 0% chlorine. And that makes one of its outstanding labels and selling point. However, Swaddlers doesn’t say whether it’s chlorine-free or not. Thus it’s most likely that it has some concentration of chlorine.

Plant-Based Ingredients and Eco-Friendly

On comparing the two, Pampers Pure stands out for using natural ingredients. The brand states it uses premium and sustainably used cotton. By using cotton, Pampers Pure stands out as more eco-friendly than Swaddlers.

Outstanding Design and Prints

At the same time, the two differ slightly in prints and designs. Hence, if you need a diaper with diverse appealing decorations and designs, Pampers Pure wins.


If you need an eco-friendly Pamper, that’s free from fragrance, chlorine, and other added lotions, then the Pampers Pure is the way to go. It has no toxic substances and is hypoallergenic.

So it’s less likely to cause rashes on the delicate skin. Therefore if you care about your surroundings, Pampers Pure is environmentally friendly.

Though Swaddlers uses no natural ingredients, it registers outstanding absorbency. And it has a unique feature that protects the umbilical cord of the newborn (smaller sizes). For that reason, many parents prefer it for their newborns.

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