Milk Coming Out Of Baby’s Nose

Babies do so many things that leave parents wondering if it is normal. Moreover, some of these issues continue for a long, like a few months and thus further adding to the worries. One such unusual thing is milk coming out of a baby’s nose.

It is something quite common. Though it may not be a completely normal thing, it is a part of growing up. So, not something to worry about. It is pretty common in babies that are about 3-6 months old, and after that, it becomes infrequent.

Quite often, milk would come out of the nose after feeding. Some babies, about half of them, spit up a lot. Since not all babies spit up, it further adds to the worries of parents. Nonetheless, parents need to understand that all children differ from each other a bit. Some cry a lot, others poop a lot, and some have an issue with milk coming out of the nose.

What could be the reason for milk coming out of the nose?

There are many reasons why milk is coming out of a baby’s nose. Most babies spit out. However, they differ from each other. It means that some babies appear to have a problem with milk coming out of the nose.

It simply means that baby is just getting used to feeding in most cases. However, it is vital to understand that what seems quite a simple task for adults is a complex function for a baby. There are many muscles involved in eating, and they must move in synchronization. In addition, of course, there is something called instinct, but it is not perfect.

An instinct may tell a child how to suck a breast, how much to eat, how to swallow, etc. Nevertheless, the baby has to try hard to perfect these skills and strengthen various muscles involved in eating or drinking.

Additionally, babies are anatomically different from adults, and they are prone to reflux. It is a condition when some of the food comes back from the stomach. This issue of reflux peaks at the age of about four months, and after that, things keep getting better. So, yes, a child will outgrow most such issues, and it is not a cause to worry.

Another problem with babies is that they swallow lots of air when sucking the breast. This air gets trapped in the stomach. However, when a child is held in an upright position, this trapped air ultimately comes out, causing some milk to come out of the nose or mouth.

Of course, it is common for parents to say things like “our first child did not have this issue” or “baby of neighbors baby does not do that” and so on. However, here it is vital to understand that there are individual differences.

The mild coming out of a baby’s nose just says that a child’s digestive system is still not mature enough. It still needs some time and training.

What can parents do to reduce mild coming out of the baby’s nose?

Milk coming out of the nose is not a disease that needs treatment. Nevertheless, it is something that must be managed. Parents can do a few things to help their baby:

  • First and foremost, try holding your baby in an upright position when feeding. This will not only reduce the swallowing of air but will also promote burping. In addition, frequent and timely burping would help prevent too much milk coming out of the baby’s nose or child spiting frequently.
  • Feed your child in a calm and distractions free environment. Babies are quite sensitive even to small noises around. After all, they are exploring everything around them. Also, for babies, everything happening nearby is something new and exciting. Thus, babies are more likely to swallow air if they are distracted. Or a child may burp suddenly, resulting in spiting up or milk coming out of the nose.
  • Frequently change bottle nipples if not breastfeeding. It is a small thing and something that may be readily neglected. It may not cause any problem in feeding a child. However, it may result in increased swallowing of air. Additionally, it may also mean that mild may come out of the bottle too quickly. These issues may become the cause of milk coming out of the nose.
  • Burp your baby more frequently. There are many ways of promoting burping, like holding a child in an upright position, and so on.
  • Tight clothing might be the cause. Babies grow quite quickly, and their clothes become smaller relatively quickly. However, if clothes are small, they might put undue pressure on a tummy, which may cause a child to spit up, or mild may come out of the nose.
  • Avoid certain activities immediately after feeding. Of course, babies are cute, and you might want to play with a child after feeding, which is absolutely normal and even recommended. However, avoid jerky motions while playing, or do not jostle your baby.
  • Do not overfeed your baby. It is perhaps one of the most common causes of a baby spitting up or mild coming out of the nose. In addition, babies simply do not understand when to stop eating, and they tend to overeat. Thus, parents need to control a few things like the amount of milk and so on.
  • A baby may be intolerant to formula. These days there is so much choice when it comes to feeding formula. However, it also means that a child may not tolerate some of the food items, causing more frequent spitting and other issues.

Here it is vital to understand that issues like milk coming out of a baby’s nose is more common during the first few months. However, things get better from six months onwards when babies can sit on their own. Nonetheless, the problem may continue for about the first twelve months in some babies.

Finally, it is worth understanding that although milk coming out of the nose is not a sign of anything serious, it may sometimes indicate more severe conditions. Thus, if it happens too frequently and things do not appear to get better after a few months, it would be better to consult a doctor.

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