Manual Vs Electric Breast Pump: Which One Suits You Best?

breast pumpAre you still confused on which type of breast pump you should choose for breastfeeding use? Worry not, because you have come to the right place.

The most important thing that you need to consider is how often you are going to pump, how long you need to use it, and how much time you have to express milk.

Manual Breast Pumps

When you express occasionally, it is ideal to use hand-operated pumps. You can also benefit from manual pumps during the odd night out or when you are away from your baby for short periods.

However, some women have found out that this would tire their wrists quickly when using manual breast pumps. One solution for this is to choose one with an ergonomically designed handle.

You should also take note that manual pumps are easier to use when your breasts are full. At the same time, some pumps are now offered with compatibility between breastmilk feeding bottles and pump bottles.

  • Manual breast pumps are small and lightweight, which you can carry conveniently in one pack wherever you go
  • Available at very affordable prices
  • Gives you complete control over suction and pump speed

Electric Breast Pumps

When you are regularly expressing, you can choose the electric breast pump. This is very suitable if you have a baby in special care, aside from returning to work a few days after delivering the baby.

Electric breast pumps with separately adjustable suction and cycle levels are recommended. This is because such would enable you to select settings that would mimic how your baby suckles.

  • Perfect if you are required to pump daily
  • Enables mothers to go back to work after delivering the baby
  • Mothers can easily express more milk in a short amount of time
  • Suitable for lactating moms who needs to increase her milk supply
  • Decrease the amount of time you need to pump using a double pumping model
  • Well worth the price when you feed your baby exclusively with breastmilk
  • Most electric breast pumps come with their own carry bag or backpack for easy storage

Single Or Double Electric Breast Pumps

Time saving strategies are what mothers consider essential when it comes to breastfeeding. That’s why the double electric pump enables you to express milk in half the time.

This is because it can be used to express milk from both breasts at the same time. In fact, it can be done in as much as 10 minutes, in contrast to the 20-30 minutes when using the single pump.

Moreover, using both breasts to express milk has also been found to stimulate prolactin levels and increase the production of milk more effectively. This is in contrast to using single pumping.

You can also opt to use a pumping bra, which would free your hands as it enables you to use your computer or mobile phone at the same time. Likewise, the double breast pump is also a great choice if you have twins.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

1. How Frequent You Need To Pump?

Some mothers don’t need to pump that often, as they don’t plan to be separated from their babies longer than expected. So for that matter, they would want to use a manual pump.

On the other hand, there are mothers that would also want to go back into the workforce after delivery of their babies. So, they would want to pump at least once daily.

For this reason, they would want to purchase an electric breast pump, as it can save them more time. This is because they can express milk a lot quicker than the manual method.

2. Determine Your Cash Flow

For some mothers, the price is a big factor in making a decision to buy a manual and an electric breast pump. So, for those who are a bit tight on the budget can get the one they think would be practical.

However, although electric breast pumps are more expensive, it is an option for most mothers to get the nicest pump available. This is because some affordable pumps tend to break easily.

3. Portability

The portability of manual pumps is hard to argue, particularly when it comes to mothers on-the-go. This is because electric pumps are not as portable as manual pumps.

Generally, manual pumps are easier to clean, lighter, and smaller. So, if you are away from a power outlet or if you run out of battery power, you can still have express milk with this type of breast pump.


Before choosing the right breast pump that suits you best, try to check your lifestyle, finances, and pumping needs. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you never give up even if it becomes difficult.

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