Can You Take Valtrex While Breastfeeding?

ValtrexValtrex (Valacyclovir) is a common antiviral drug that doctor prescribed for treating viral infections.

As a matter of fact, Valtrex is used for treating both children and adults. It is commonly prescribed for cold sores around the mouth and those with chicken pox.

It is also very effective in reducing the effect of genital herpes.

However, most people are concerned about the side effects of this drug despite its effectiveness in treating infections. In fact, most of the arguments are tailored to whether Valtrex can be taken while breastfeeding.

Several studies are supporting the fact that a nursing mother can take Valtrex without affecting the baby in any way.

Generally, the dosage of acyclovir in a nursing mother’s milk after taking Valtrex is not up to one percent of the dosage an infant will take on a normal situation.

Given this, It will not cause any side effect of the nursing being breastfed. Also, nursing mothers don’t need any special precaution while using Valtrex as it doesn’t constitute any threat to their infant.

As a matter of fact, the America Academy of Pediatrics supports that nursing mothers can use Valtrex while breastfeeding. This is because no side effect has been recorded regarding its usage by a nursing mother.

In a particular study, Valtrex was administered to nursing mothers with herpes simplex type 2 and HIV infections. It was found that Valtrex reduced shedding of the HIV virus in the breast milk following childbirth [1].

Also, in another study involving HIV positive mothers, Valtrex didn’t reduce breast milk shedding of cytomegalovirus.

It may interest you to know that medical experts and authorities approved the use of Valtrex during pregnancy.

General Precaution When Using Valtrex

Even though Valtrex is very safe to use, general precautions still need to be observed while using it.

A woman taking Valtrex to treat the first outbreak of genital herpes shouldn’t stop taking the medication even after being tested positive to HIV. This is because the first infection is always very dangerous and life-threatening.

So, taking the full treatment and dosage of Valtrex is not an option, rather it is compulsory. In fact, when you refuse to take the full dosage of Valtrex at the first outbreak of genital herpes, it may threaten the pregnancy.

However, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to contact your physician once you find out that you are pregnant while taking Valtrex.

Effect of Valtrex on Fertility

Generally, Valtrex has no known effect on fertility. However, it is still advisable to talk to your doctor once you see the need to get pregnant while you are still on Valtrex dose. This will definitely put you on the safer side.

How to Use Valtrex

  • As a rule, ensure you read the patient information guide inside the Valtrex before you start using it. Also, it is advisable to direct all your questions regarding the usage of the drug to your physician.
  • Ensure you take the Valtrex drugs by mouth with or without food. Note: It must be according to the doctor’s instruction. It is generally advisable to take enough fluid while you are on Valtrex dose. This will definitely reduce the chances of having any side effect associated with the drug.
  • How long you take Valtrex is actually a function of the infection you are treating, your medical conditions as well as response to treatment.
  • According to experts, Valtrex is more effective once you start using it immediately you notice the sign of an infection. However, all usage must be based on the doctors’ recommendation. For instance, people suffering from chickenpox should start taking Valtrex immediately they notice the first symptom or once the rashes appear.
  • It may interest you to know that Valtrex work best for people who take the drug at a constant interval. In other words, they take it the same time every day.
  • Lastly, it is important to keep taking your drugs until you complete the full prescription. If you actually want the drugs to work perfectly, don’t change or skip any dose. In fact, don’t stop the medication without the approval of the doctor.

So, from the preceding, it can be deduced that you can take Valtrex while breastfeeding without any side effect.

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