Can the Moon Affect Your Menstruation and Ovulation?

Full moonThere is always a fascinating talk about menses and moon when women talk about their bodies. This happens a lot.

As often, women are curious to find out if they are in tune with the universe. Often, most of these conversations show the desire to understand female bodies and how the universe affects them.

If you are reading this, chances are that some point you too have heard myths on how the moon cycles are somehow in harmony with the menstrual cycle.

Primarily every werewolf teen movie has speculated on how the changing lunar cycle affects human health and behavior.

Anyway, what is the link between a woman’s menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle?

The link between the lunar cycle and menstrual cycle

Well, let us dig back into history. Whether you are a science zealot or a wellness champion, or a bit of both, it is hard to ignore the basic connection between the menstrual and lunar cycles.

For generations, people have believed that menstrual cycle correlates to the moon cycle primarily because the two cycles are about the same length.

A typical menstrual cycle lasts 28 days while a lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days.

Just as the moon goes through the ebbs and flows during the month, our hormones and menstrual cycles very much fluctuate, too.

As the moon controls the ocean tides, is there a possibility that it also regulates our menstrual cycles, too?

Well, many people believe there is something mystical and powerful about people being in harmony with the moon.

However, it is unclear if the connection between astrology and biology is merely a chance or backed by scientific evidence.

To unravel the truth let us explore the interesting connection between the moon and menstruation to learn if the two are truly in sync.

A Menstrual Expert View

According to experts, many believe the lunar and menstrual cycles are synchronized. There are two phenomena associated with this.

  • White Moon Cycle: This is the name given to when you get your period with the new moon. The new moon is traditionally associated with menstruation.
  • Red Moon Cycle: The second phenomenon occurs when some women get their period on the full moon. In this case, the full moon is traditionally associated with ovulation.

White Moon Cycles are common than Red Moon Cycles, due to the additional light emitted from the full moon. During the full moon, more women are fertile due to the extra light.

Therefore, ovulation is more likely to happen during the full moon. You’d think this is the end of the moon-and-menstrual-link story. Not so fast…

What does science say about the moon and your menstrual cycle?

In the past, researchers have linked the full moon to gastrointestinal bleeding, stroke, and seizures. Some researches state that during the full moon, humans sleep 20 minutes less than normal days.

Nonetheless, recent studies contradict the prior study by stating that the moon cycle does not affect sleep patterns at all.

A 1986 study found that about 30% percent of women have their periods during the new moon, while the rate of menstruation was about 12 percent during other times of the month.

This significant difference implies that menses may be more prevalent during the new moon.

However, the 1986 study was disputed in 2016 when a research team analyzed 7.5 million cycles from 1.5 million users.

This research found no relationship between the menstrual cycle or period start date and lunar cycles.

From the data analyzed, the menstruation period starts dates fall randomly throughout the month, regardless of the lunar phase.

Technology and Mobile Apps

Lovers of astrology will tend to see everything that happens through a cosmic lens and use the moon to calculate the period cycle.

However, for ordinary people, mobile apps or period calculators can help in calculating the menstrual cycle.

There are many apps help track, monitor and alert you on the important dates and events of your monthly cycle.

In some apps, you will get 1-3 days notification before the onset of your menstruation, ovulation, or end of menstruation dates.

The accuracy of most of the apps is always less than perfect since the apps are dependent on the user updating changes in their menses.

So what does this mean?

Since the latest research (with 1.5 million users) that had a very large sample size shows there is no relationship between the menstrual and lunar cycle, it is unlikely there is a connection.

Nevertheless, it is cool, if you are either on a White Moon or on Red Moon Cycle. In either case, you have something to derive personal meaning from this relationship.

If neither of the two cycles relates to you, there is no need to worry. Your menstrual cycle might be regular or somewhat irregular.

However, it may be it is what is normal for you. To figure out your ‘normal’, pay attention to:

  • Your period
  • The length of the period
  • The density of your blood flow
  • How often you need to change your tampon or pad
  • The noticeable symptoms like cramping or bloating

Noting these aspects of your menses helps you isolate unusual changes. While menstrual cycle variations usually are not dangerous, in some extremities you may need a medical assessment.

In conclusion, some people will find that syncing the lunar cycle to their menstruation creates meaning for them.

Although it may not be scientifically proven, it is a creative way to find when your period will be during the month.
Photo: Pixabay

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