5 Best Pregnancy Seat Belts: Review & Buying Tips

It is wise to put on your seat belt always when driving. However, there are circumstances when the standard seat belt causes more discomfort and harm than good.

For females, assume you are expectant, driving your car and at the same time wearing a seat belt strapped across your belly. Such a position has the potential to harm both the unborn baby and you since it exerts pressure in an undue location.

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That’s where the best pregnancy seat belt proves helpful. It takes note of your condition and straps you on the seat at appropriate locations.

Unfortunately, many expectant mothers do not know how to put on their seat belts correctly, studies indicates. As a result about 92,000 pregnant women sustain serious injuries from car crushes every year in the United States.

Therefore here are some top picks of comfortable car seats for expectant mothers to consider;

What is a Pregnancy Seat Belt?

Expectant mothers find it impossible to use the usual car seat belt without endangering their lives and the fetus. Thus a unique pregnancy belt has few modifications thus fits pregnant women without putting anybody’s life at risk.

Best Pregnancy Seat Belt Review

Maternity Car Belt Adjuster, TFY Strong Metal Car Pregnant Belt for Expectant Mothers

When it comes to your safety, you don’t need to gamble. Accordingly, the TFY maternity car belt adjuster boasts a sturdy structure. Unlike most car belts that employ plastic buckles. It integrates a sturdy metal material.

Knowing that you and the baby are safe bestows significant peace of mind on you. Furthermore, still, the TFYT pregnancy seat belt offers a universal fit for various vehicle models. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the issue of its incompatibility with your car.

It similarly finds alternative use among big-bellied individuals or patients recuperating from surgery on the stomach. Although the package gives you an installation manual, the process is straight forward.

For further convenience, you can buy two belts. Therefore you can prevent the irritating habit of moving with one belt from one vehicle to another. Besides, it will make it easy for you to shift from the front driver seat to the passenger seat.


  • Versatile use
  • Sturdy metal buckle
  • Compatible with all cars
  • Comfortable fit


  • When heated by the sun, the metal gets very hot and uncomfortable.

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FILKO Pregnancy Seat Belt, Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Pregnant Moms

The FILKO Pregnancy Seat Belt has a design that gives a universal fitting ability of 95% of vehicles. Instead of the belt crossing your belly, it crosses your thighs; it allows the belt to rivets each of the thighs to the seat and not the belly thus relieving you from excessive pressure.

It then leaves you free to concentrate on driving. Besides expectant mothers, the FILKO car seat belt adjuster can also benefit patients who had recently undergone cesarean or abdomen surgery.

Although it doesn’t pass on the abdomen, it still holds you in three places; across your chest, left, and right thigh. Thus, if an accident occurs, instead of exerting pressure on the belly, it shifts it to your legs and upper part of the chest.

Even without prior knowledge, the seat adjuster is effortless to install. All you have to do is unstrap and strap it again in a different position. For that reason, it’s appropriate for daily use.

However, in case you switch cars often, it’s better to have a pair. That will save you from moving it now and then.

When you install it correctly and force the belt into the buckle three times (not twice) then it feels more comfortable and reliable. Besides, it’s made from nylon material that won’t break off easily.


  • Has a universal fitting design
  • Uncomplicated to install
  • Sturdy nylon material
  • 3 point strapping feature


  • Wrong installation instruction in the manual

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Toddler Essentials Mommy’s Belt Pregnancy Maternity Protect Car Seat Belt Adjuster Seat Belt for Women

Without compromising safety, FIGO-63 Toddler Essentials Mommy’s Belt Pregnancy delivers comfort to both the unborn child and the mother. That’s possible since it uses a unique engineering technique that doesn’t squash the fetus.

You can happily pick on it without any worry since it uses a tested and verified formula that tolerates up to 10-ton force magnitude. For the convenience of various body sizes and car models, the Toddler Essentials Mommy’s Belt Pregnancy has an adjustable length. It can stretch from 63 to 75inches.

Despite its adaptable size, it folds and sits neatly on the seat. Therefore you won’t worry about it obstruction your way as you enter or leave the driver’s seat. The car seat adjuster boasts a sturdy white nylon material.

That means it can serve for the entire nine months period when you use it appropriately.

Putting it on is straightforward and involves three simple steps. First, you pass the strap over your chest and fit the buckle securely. Pick the other harness and fasten it across your thighs.

Lastly, confirm that the buckle is secure and the belt of the right tension. Once buckled correctly, it won’t pop out unnecessarily.


  • Sturdy and light in weight; 28oz
  • Doesn’t barricade your way in or out of the vehicle
  • Has wide adjustment length
  • Straightforward to install
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Buckle between the legs may slightly irritate some moms

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Bump Belt Pregnancy Seat Belt Dolphin Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster

A seat belt that forces an expectant mother to adjust now and then highly irritates. For that reason, the Bump Belt Pregnancy Seat Belt employs a unique locking system that seeks to address such inconvenience.

In contrast to the flat design, it makes use of the car seat adjuster of hook design. Such a structure keeps the belt in place and stable. Thus it addresses the need for constantly adjusting its tension.

The dolphin maternity seat belt helps more than just pregnant women. Persons just recovering from abdominal surgery or cesarean section also benefit from the adjustable seat belt.

That holds since the Bump Belt Pregnancy Seat Belt shifts pressure from the belly to the thighs.

But even after relieving pressure from the belly, it doesn’t render the original belt useless. Thus you can still count on its safety. Its installation procedure is straightforward.

All you need to ensure is that the car seat belt has gone round the seat once and passes through the buckle also.

Its structure and installation procedure make it compatible with about 99% of cars. Besides, it also boasts a combination of sturdy ABS plastic and nylon materials.

But in case you always shift from car to car, then it’s advisable to install each in one car. That way, you won’t have to move the belt from one vehicle to another every moment.


  • Straightforward to install
  • Employs a reliable hook system
  • Sturdy and reliable strength
  • The belt keeps its position


  • Corners of the rectangular buckle are slightly uncomfortable to thighs

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Z ZOTHINGTON Pregnancy Seat Belt, Comfort & Safety, Protect Unborn Baby

Regardless of your body type petite or plus size, the Z ZOTHINGTON Pregnancy Seat Belt adjust effortlessly to suit you tightly. Since it is 65 percent plastic and 35 percent nylon, it has reliable strength. Though it promises long life, it boasts a lightweight of 8.8ounces

Even though it adjusts to suit passengers of body sizes, it doesn’t render the original car seat belt obsolete. Instead, the seat belt still holds you in multiple places to your seat; on the thighs and up the chest.

Thus, in the unfortunate event of an accident, the impact of the force registers on the thighs and up the chest, hence making the baby safe. Apart from the expectant mothers, the Z ZOTHINGTON Pregnancy Seat Belt also benefits those who had previously suffered abdominal surgery or cesarean.

Even if you hadn’t used the device before, it’s trouble-free to use and install too. However, it still gives you a user manual that instructs you the correct way to fasten it so that it doesn’t slip off easily.

By removing pressure off the mother’s abdomen it relieves you from worries thus, earning the peace of mind to focus on driving cautiously and relaxed too.


  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic and nylon
  • Straightforward to install
  • Equally useful for those recovering from cesarean section
  • Complete with installation manual
  • Retains its tension


  • At times requires adjustment

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Best Pregnancy Seat Belt Buyer’s Guide

Every expectant mother or caring father wants the best pregnancy seat belt that offers real protection without jeopardizing the mother or the unborn child’s life. For that reason here are a few useful buyers’ tips;


Topping the list of the vital features is your comfort. The major reason for wearing the seat belt is to beep both of you safe. However, the seat fastener should accomplish that without infringing on your comfort.

The belt must never pass over the belly. Also, the edges of the belt strap and buckles should have a design that makes them skin-friendly too. It shouldn’t be abrasive or sharp as to dig into the lady part isn’t friendly.

Simple to Put on and Off

The seat fastener for pregnant women should offer a simple and straightforward method to install and use. During the third trimester, the general tiredness heightens. The last thing you need is a belt that’s complicated to fasten or remove.

Take note of how to fasten and unfasten the buckle. Besides, even when not in use it should give unobstructed passage to and from the car seat.

Made of Sturdy Material

The material used in making the car seat belt should be sturdy. That includes the strap and the buckle itself. In the event of the accident, it should withstand the impact of the force without snapping off.

At the same time, it also pays to have a material that’s easy to clean. The smell of accumulates sweat isn’t pleasant to the nose; especially to an expectant woman.

Flexibility of Fit

Before you rule for or against a seat belt, check on the manufacturer’s instructions on the car models it can fit in. Also, even though most of the pregnancy seat belts are comparable with different clothing, verify that you can wear it can blend with your dress cord.

A belt that restricts you to one type of cloth is a real drawback to your comfort. And talking of flexibility, it should accommodate both the plus size and the petite bodies.

Keeps its Tension

For a seat belt to play its safety role effectively the strap should not feature a slacken tension. Thus, it’s vital to pick on a seat belt that has a fastening system that once engaged doesn’t require constant adjustment.


Do You Need a Special Seat Belt When Pregnant?

The usual seat belt passes over the belly to fasten you properly to the seat. Such a position isn’t comfortable for an expectant woman. Therefore, you need a special seat belt that makes contact with the hips, passes between the breasts, and not strapping the belly.

Can Seat Belt Hurt My Unborn Baby?

Unless you choose the seat fastener that is designed for an expectant mother, it will cross over the belly. While in that position, an impact directs the pressure to the belly.

Depending on the magnitude of the force and timing of pregnancy, an accident can lead to premature labor, miscarriage, and even loss of life.

What Precautions Should You Take Into Account When Putting on a Pregnancy Seat Belt?

The safety belt will only help you if you wear it properly, a thought echoed by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For that purpose make sure that the belt fits snugly over each of your hip bones.

Also, to reduce the chances of the belt slipping off to your belly, don’t wear it over thick clothes like a coat or sweater. Lastly, ensure that the shoulder strap passes at the center of your breasts and the side of the belly. 


Your safety and the fetus are crucial. That’s why it’s necessary to take a bold step in choosing the best pregnancy seat belt that doesn’t put you at risk yet still playing the role of a safety belt.

If you care for the life of your loved ones, then the pregnancy seat adjuster is a must.

Our review includes models that have received positive reviews from past users. You can sturdy each and settle on what suits your body and car.

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