Babyganics vs. Honest Diapers: Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby’s Needs

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Every mother understands the convenience of using a skin-friendly, reliable, and non-leaking diaper. Besides inducing comfort and relaxation, such a diaper is easy to change without getting messy.

Two such common diaper brands in the market are Babyganics and Honest. The post compares Babyganics vs. Honest diapers to help you make an informed choice.

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Babyganics Diapers boasts a triple-layer design. That includes a U-shaped layer that channels wetness from the baby and an absorbent core that locks moisture. Finally, it has a breathable layer that allows the circulation of air.

As Babyganics claims, their diapers have been tested by dermatologists and are thus nonallergenic. Also, the company doesn’t use fragrances, latex, or petroleum-based lotions in the ingredients.

However, the company hasn’t come out clearly on the finer ingredients they have used in making the diapers. The design of the Babyganics diapers features thin and flexible materials.

Further, it has strong tabs, stretchy wings, and comfortable elastic leg fits. Thus, your baby should feel comfortable, and free to wiggle and move when wearing the diapers.

You don’t have to guess the diaper changing time. Thanks to the wetness indicator that lets you know when to change the diaper. At the same time, its front and back cuffs make fending off blowouts trouble-free.


  • Affordable cost
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Made in appealing decorations
  • Uses non-chlorine-processed pulps


  • Not very transparent about the finer details of their ingredients

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Honest Diapers

Honest diapers are made from plant-based materials and so environmentally friendly. And like Babyganics, the company doesn’t employ chlorine-processed pulps in the diapers. Besides using sustainable wood, Honest diapers are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Concerning the list of ingredients, the brand has tried to be open about the ingredients that make up the diaper. Also, the company states that Honest diapers have no parabens, fragrances, or latex. Therefore it should feel comfortable and safe to the infant.

Regarding construction, Honest diapers feature strong and stretchy sides. That gives them a hug-like fit yet allows room for the wiggling of the infant. Unlike other cheap and low-quality diapers, Honest doesn’t sag annoyingly between the legs.

The diapers blend quick absorbent channels and quilted bubble liners. Therefore, it channels away moisture and keeps the baby dry. Once the diaper is wet and needs changing, the wetness indicator signals you.

Honest diapers are available in various sizes from 1 to 6. Hence it should fit infants of varying ages and body sizes.


  • Great variety of sizes to consider
  • Increased absorbency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free from chlorine, parabens, or latex
  • Has a snug sag free comfortable fit
  • Has attractive decorations


  • More expensive than some diaper brands

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Similarities Between Babyganics and Honest Diapers

In the comparison of Babyganics and Honest diapers, here are the notable similarities;

Secure Fit

The two brands of diapers are available in various sizes that run thin and small. For that reason, they feel secure and fit even skinny babies.

Wetness Indicator

Honest and Babyganics have a wetness indicator. So, you don’t have to guess the state of the diapers. The wetness indicator alerts you on the right time to change the diaper when it gets wet.


The two companies both state that their diapers are non-allergenic. And so ideally neither should cause irritations or rashes on the skin.

However, there are a few complaints from parents on each of the pampers causing either some irritations or redness of the skin.

Differences Between Babyganics and Honest Diapers

Despite sharing some similarities, Babyganics and Honest differ in several ways;

Belly Cut-Out Feature

Honest baby diapers for a newborn have a special belly cut-out feature. And so it gives room for comfort and natural healing of the umbilical cord without causing irritations.

On the other hand, Babyganics corresponding newborn size has no such belly cut-out feature.

Ingredient List

Honest states clearly that their diapers are made using pulp-derived sustainably managed trees. Also, the processing of the pulps doesn’t involve any chlorine chemical.

Moreover, the company gives a detailed list of ingredients used in the diapers. Honest diapers don’t have chlorine, latex, petroleum-based lotions, or parabens.

On the other hand, Babyganics diapers also claim to use pulps that are chlorine processing free. Furthermore, the company claims the product has no added fragrance. Latex or petroleum-based lotions.

Sadly, the company hasn’t come out clearly like Honest to give a detailed account of its list of ingredients employed in manufacturing Babyganics diapers.



Honest has tried to tap into varying technologies to make their diaper absorbent. That includes using a quilted bubble liner, quickly absorb channel, and enhanced blow-out protection feature.

And going by past reviews there are mixed observations regarding the absorbency and blowout protection of the Honest diapers.

On the other hand, Babyganics isn’t highly detailed regarding the technologies or efforts they have made to make the diapers absorbent.

In other words, there are many more negative complaints about the poor absorbency quality of Babyganics diapers than the Honest brand.


When it comes to the price of the diapers, Honest brand attracts a significantly higher price tag than Babyganics.

Design, Color and Prints

Babyganics and Honest Diapers come in a variety of colors, designs, and prints. But Honest seems to lead in attractiveness and presents a wide variety of designs. That’s especially true if you are under a subscription plan.

Babyganics Vs Honest Diapers Conclusion

When you consider all the features, Honest seems to be the premium option. The brand maintains a transparent stand about its list of ingredients, feels superior in absorbency, and stocks a wider variety of diaper prints and designs.

However, all that comes at a higher price tag than its competitor Babyganics.

But it’s vital to note that there are still some minor complaints about Honest causing irritations. On the other hand, if you need a cheaper diaper with standard features to get you along, Babyganics takes the crown.

The sensitivity of the skin differs from one infant to the next. So, it’s better if you test and have firsthand experience with the two diapers. After that, you will be sure of the brand that fits your baby.

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