The Top 5 Foods That Will Boost Male Fertility

Male infertility is caused by a number of things, including low sperm count. If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant without success, it is likely that your sperm count is much lower than normal. Thankfully, this problem can be fixed. The following article will give you some information on the top 5 foods that will boost male fertility.

Before reading any further, you should know that the male sperm provides fifty percent of a baby’s hereditary material. The sperm is exposed to many hazards such as pH and temperature changes while traveling to fertilize an egg and these factors can affect the count and vitality.

One of the ways to counterbalance these negative influences would be to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with foods which are high in antioxidants. Sperm takes about ninety-six days to form. This is a good thing when you are trying to conceive because you should have no more fertility issues after eating healthy for three months.

The Top 5 Foods That Will Boost Male Fertility

1. Oysters: These are well-known aphrodisiacs but they are much more than that. Oysters have more zinc in serving than just about any other food. Eating 100 grams will give you about 70 milligrams of zinc. This high zinc content helps to increase testosterone and sperm production [1].

If you can’t swallow oysters, you could get zinc from other fertility foods like eggs, beef, dairy, poultry, nuts, beans, and whole grains. You can also take a daily multivitamin to get some zinc.

pumpkin seeds2. Pumpkin seeds: Much like oysters, these seeds have a lot of zinc and are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids. The zinc will increase your sperm count and testosterone, while the fatty acids stimulate the blood flow to your sexual organs and enhance sexual function.

Pumpkin seeds are also a great snack to have when you are on the go. You can get forty percent of the recommended daily intake of magnesium from pumpkin seeds—thirty grams to be exact. Flaxseed, fatty fish such as sardines and salmon, or almonds are great to try if you want to get more omega-3.

3. Fruits and vegetables: There are antioxidants in fruits and veggies that can help to protect the sperm from any cellular damage as well as keep them healthy [2], enabling them to travel in female genital tract to reach the ovum in the fallopian tube.

Some fertility foods like apricots, red peppers, carrots, and leafy greens contain Vitamin A- an essential nutrient needed to prevent sluggish sperm. Orange juice, grapefruit, broccoli, grapefruit, and others contain Vitamin C which is needed for sperm viability and motility [3].

Most fruits, as well as veggies such as beans and leafy greens, contain folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, which is rich in antioxidant properties that are important for keeping the sperm free of any chromosomal abnormalities [4].

Vegetable oil has Vitamin E that helps to keep your sperm vital. Sweet potatoes have all of these nutrients, foliate as well as Vitamins E, C, and A.

tomatoes4. Tomatoes: These foods are one of the best sources of the lycopene antioxidant. Studies were done on male fertility and lycopene, and the results show that it can significantly improve sperm motility and structure [5].

You can get more lycopene from tomatoes which are processed or cooked. This means that it’s best to add the tomato puree—a fat-soluble antioxidant—with a bit of olive oil to your diet in order to help with absorption.

5. Pomegranate juice: This is one of the other powerful antioxidants. According to research, the juice from a pomegranate can boost the quality and count of your sperm [6].

In addition to these foods, you can boost your fertility in other natural ways.

For one, if you are a smoker you should give up the habit. Smoking can cause low sperm count—up to 15% lower than the amount in non-smokers [7][8]. The smoking will affect the absorption of minerals and vitamins such as B12 vitamin, magnesium, zinc, and more. This will affect the production of testosterone, and low levels could result in a drop in sperm count.

Aside from that, smoking can affect sperm mobility. This means the sperm’s ability to travel through a woman’s vagina in order to get to an egg for fertilization, is impaired. When smoking affects the sperm’s ability to make this journey there will be fewer chances for conception to occur.

Another way is to stop drinking alcohol. Much like smoking, this habit can affect your fertility. Alcohol will increase the estrogen levels in the body as well, and this tends to reduce testosterone levels and cause a drop in sperm count [9].

Apart from those things, there can be other effects such as low libido; the growth of male breasts; atrophy in testicles; changes in the sperm health and shape, and more.

Hopefully, this information can help you to impregnate your woman as you are given the top 5 foods that will boost male fertility.
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