How to Make Thick Lips Appear Thinner – Top 10 Tips

A thick and fleshy lip doesn’t seem to go well with some individuals. Fortunately, there are practical ways to disguise it and make thick lips appear thinner.

The safe and easiest way to address the issue is by employing makeup. Alternatively, a more permanent solution is to consider surgery- though it has its fair of risks.

Read on to find the better option for you.

Top 10 Tips to make Thick Lips Appear Thinner

In case you have less time to go through the post, the following video highlights the vital tips on how to make thick lips appear thinner:

1. Know your Skin Color and Makeup that Blend With It

The bottom line of making thick lips appear thinner is by camouflaging by makeup. So you need to apply some makeup around the mouth and lip contour line.

For that reason, consult a professional- from a salon or pharmacy to know the skin color bordering the thick lips and the exact makeup colors that fit you. Otherwise, you are more likely to choose a color that creates skin tone imbalance.

2. Apply Muted Makeup Coloring Around the Mouth

You need an assortment of darker or muted colors for this step. But first, apply a foundation carefully all over your face and a light dab around your lips to camouflage the lip line.

Ensure the foundation blends well on the contour of your lips. Otherwise, the color you lay on top of the foundation may come out sooner than expected. Then on top apply the makeup color that matches your skin tone.

3. Conceal the Lip Line

The lip lines curve out the lips to look thick. On the other hand, concealing the lip line makes it appear somehow smaller.

Therefore take note of skin color around your mouth and pick on a concealer of a matching color. Then apply it about a millimeter into the lip edge or line to achieve the best effect.

Then using a cotton swab or sponge applicator, follow the up and down pattern to blend the concealer into the skin.

If the resultant new line is rugged, then use the applicator sponge tip to straighten it out, parallel to the lip edge.

Here is a short video that best explains the procedure;

4. Consider using dark lipsticks

You can enhance the effect of dark lipstick by blending it with lip concealer and makeup tricks. Applying dark lipstick creates a more dramatic thinning effect.

However, you need to select the subtle colors that blend with your skin. If in doubt, seek advice from a salon.

The effect is even greater when you need to make one lip appear thinner than the other. For example, if you need the upper lip to appear deceiving thinner, apply dark lipstick on it. Then shift the attention of your admirers to the lower lip by applying somehow bright lipstick.

5. Shift Attention to Other Parts of the Face

Another simple trick to hiding thick lips is shifting attention to other body parts. For instance, you can highlight the eyes to stand out more than the fleshy lips.

Applying stronger makeup or creating thick lines on the eyes easily steals attention, thus making the large lips less noticeable.

Non-Makeup Tips and Tricks

6. Keep Your Lips Hydrated and Moisturized

Keeping your lips hydrated and moisturized is also beneficial. It helps to minimize skin swelling and irritations. You maintain moisturized lips by drinking water often. Also, you can make use of a humidifier.

For the same reason, stick to lip balm made out of Shea butter, olive oil, and lemon-based anti-oxidant.

7. Eliminate Hair Surrounding the Lips

The hair around the lips creates an impression of lips being thicker than the actual size. If that’s your case, then eliminating the hairs is the appropriate solution to the problem. The best hair removal method includes laser, plucking, or waxing method.

8. Keep Off Lip Gloss

Okay, lip gloss gives your lips a shimmering appearance and commendable texture. However, it isn’t the wise option for people with thick lips. The shining appearance makes the lips stand out and hence reveal their large size. A better option is to use lipstick whose color corresponds to your skin.

9. If the Swelling it’s Due to an Injury, Manage it

An injury on the lips may cause swelling and thus make it thicker than normal. In that case, the best solution is to manage the injury.

Some of the quick solutions to a lip swelling or wound include:

  • Clean the wound with soap and water and keep it hygienic
  • Apply a cold compress such as ice on the swelling to fight the swelling
  • If it’s due to an allergic reaction, get a prescription from a doctor and keep off the allergen

10. Cosmetic Surgery

When the natural and makeup tricks aren’t an option for you then consider having a surgical operation. Surgery involves a professional operating on the lower, upper, or both lips to eliminate some tissues.

The objective of the operation is to redefine the shape and thickness of the lips. Although it’s fairly safe, it has some risks and drawbacks.


If you feel your thick lips make you less beautiful, there are several ways to address the issue. Makeup tricks such as applying dark lipstick, concealing the lip line, and keeping off lip gloss are viable options.

Also applying stronger makeup on some parts of your face lets them stick out thus making the lips less noticeable. But if all those options don’t work out for you, then consider the surgical option by trained personnel.

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