Puj Tub Vs Puj Flyte; Know the Difference

Many new moms find it uneasy to hold a fussy baby with one hand and bathe him with the other hand. While recovering from childbirth, bending produces discomfort and so making bathing time more challenging.

In such a setup, a bathtub brings relief by freeing the mother’s hands. Some of those common bathtubs that moms think of are the Puj tub and Puj flyte.

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A comparison of Puj tub Vs Puj flyte can help you make an informed choice about the two.

Puj Tub

The Paj tub is soft, flat, and easy to fold. Its entire body is of closed-cell foam that doesn’t absorb water. That makes it mildew and mold resistant too. In addition, it’s free from PVC and BPA, hence infant friendly.

When you take out the tub from the package, it presents a flat shape. And to use it, you have to fold it to form a bowl-shaped seat that accommodates the baby at a slightly inclined position.

Once you place it in the sink, it gets extra support from the edges of the sink. Besides, it uses strong magnets to retain its shape.

Owing to its foldable nature, it fits a wide variety of bathtub sinks. But it’s ideal for a bathtub that measures 15 x 12 inches and goes 6.5 inches deep.

For safety reasons, it has overflow holes on either side that channels back water to the sink. So, water can’t submerge your baby. Its soft texture shields the baby from the uncomfortable temperature of the sink.

What We Like About It:

  • It can fit a wide variety of sinks
  • Free from BPA
  • Easy to clean and dries fast
  • It takes up minimal storage space

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • It doesn’t fit some sinks
  • Best up to 6 months or 17lbs weight only

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Puj Flyte

The Puj flyte is almost like the Puj Tub but with few vital differences. Right from the package, it has a definite shape that requires no further folding. That simplifies its setup on the sink as it requires no assembly.

Although it features closed cell foam like the Puj tub, it’s of a higher density. But you can still fold it to fit the diaper bag, drawer, or even your suitcase.

Therefore, for a mum who travels frequently, its compact nature and easy setup make it indispensable. After placing it in the sink, its grippy texture keeps it from slipping off and so minimizes accidents.

Though it fits sinks of various sizes, it’s best for sinks of sizes 11-16 inches by 11- 15 inches and has a maximum depth of 6 inches.

Cleaning the Puj Flyte is a breeze. All you need is a damp cloth dipped in mild soapy water. After wiping it off, hang it to dry.

What We Like About It:

  • It’s simple to set up and requires no assembly
  • Trouble-free to clean and dries fast
  • Very portable
  • Durable

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Ill-fitting in some sinks
  • It holds relatively less volume of water

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Similarities and Differences Between Puj Tub and Puj Flyte


  • Easy to Clean
  • The two tubs are trouble-free to clean using a soft towel and mild soap. Besides, they also dry up fast.
  • Doesn’t Absorb Water
  • Both the Puj Tub and Puj Flyte are made of closed-cell foam. And for that reason, they don’t absorb water, resistant to mold and mild dew.
  • Free from BPA and PVC
  • The two portable bathtubs are free from toxic substances such as BPA and PVC materials. That makes them baby friendly.
  • Target Age group
  • It’s also worth noting that the Puj Tub and Puj Flyte target infants from the age of 0 to 6 months (maximum of 17lbs weight).
  • Overflow Holes
  • Both tubs have provision for overflow holes. Such safety measures ensure that your infant doesn’t get submerged in water.



Regarding ease of setup, Puj Flyte wins. Whereas the Puj tub requires minor assembly, you unfold the Puj Flyte and it’s ready for use in the sink. On the same note, the Puj tub has strong magnets to maintain its shape during use but Puj Flyte requires no magnets.

Compact Size

The Puj flyte has a more compact size (23.5 x 10.51 x 1.5 inches) than Puj tub (25.2 x 26.38 x 0.79 inches). That makes it fit very small places and thus very portable. Besides compactness, it boasts high density and is so promising in durability.


Once you have assembled it, the Puj tub relies on the sink edges for extra support. That limits its compatibility to particular sink sizes, (not more than 15 inches wide).

On the other hand, Puj flyte has a permanent bowl shape, grippy bottom, and even fits sink as wide as 19 inches.


When it comes to price, the Puj tub attracts a slightly higher price tag than its counterpart Puj flyte.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

The choice of whether to choose Puj tub or Puj flyte depends on several factors. That includes the following;

  • The size of the sink that you intend to use
  • Your Budget
  • Your need or lifestyle, for example, is if you travel often and require a compact size bathtub.

Bottom Line

A closer comparison of the Puj tub vs Puj flyte reveals that each of them has an ideal setting where it fits most. Besides, each of the portable bathtubs has its good and bad side.

For example, they differ in size, ease of assembly, and compactness. So before making your purchase, understand your pressing need for the bathtub.

As a new mom, that’s recovering from childbirth ordeal, bending over isn’t comfortable. You can make bathing your infant less cumbersome by using a Puj tub or Puj flyte.

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