Overdue Pregnancy – Causes, Risks, and Tips

If you are pregnant and have passed the expected date for delivery, then it is highly likely that you are feeling anxious and tired like most women. In this article, you’ll find out some of the things that might cause overdue pregnancy, as well as what it could mean for your baby and you.

Overdue pregnancy also called as post-term or post-date pregnancy occurs when the pregnancy goes beyond the forty-two weeks from the very last menstrual period. This is referring only to the expected due date for the pregnancy and is not suggesting anything about the baby or mother’s health.

You should know that it is perfectly normal for a woman to give birth one or two weeks after or before her due date.

How to Know If Your Pregnancy Is Overdue

Your doctor can help to determine your due date. Some doctors recommend an ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy as this is the ideal time to identify the due date.

This dating scan will make it easier to predict the due date and also to diagnose a post-term pregnancy.

Overdue Pregnancy – Causes

You are more likely to have a pregnancy that continues past the due date if:

  • You are having your first baby.
  • The exact date for the beginning of your last period or menstrual cycle is not known.
  • Your family has a history of overdue pregnancy.
  • You have had one before.
  • You are obese.
  • You are having a baby boy.

An overdue pregnancy is rarely related to issues with the baby or the placenta.

Even though “overdue” pregnancy is not referring specifically to any health problem, it can lead to bad pregnancy outcomes. To prevent such problems, doctors will look at the possibility of inducing labor artificially.

Your doctor might recommend a Caesarean section delivery, an operation that is done by cutting open the uterus to remove the baby.

Overdue Pregnancy Risks & Tips

Your baby could have an infection that occurs because the amniotic sac is leaking fluid. Aside from that, the baby could get an infection in the event that the amniotic sac is broken eighteen hours or more prior to the start of labor.

Besides the higher risks of numerous complications, the incidences for stillbirth during pregnancies are increased after forty-two weeks.

Overdue pregnancy could be risky for you and your baby for several reasons. However, you can rest assure that you won’t be pregnant forever and labor could start at any time.

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