4 Awesome Hunting Toys for Kids

Most kids these days long for an adventure full of thrill and excitement, often turning to action-filled video games as their last resort.

Parents who want the television set to themselves for some time or cannot stand the volume should consider buying hunting toys for their children.

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Various companies in the market manufacture toys ranging from action figures to hide-out tents, and while they have their similarities, not all of them are compatible.

Below we have narrowed the list down to a few that will surely hit the mark and help prevent boredom while also ensuring your child’s safety.

Our Top Picks

ProductRecommended AgeFeaturesPrice
Small Fish Archery Set for Kids4-12 yearsLightweight and Foldable, Non-Toxic ABS Material, Adjustable String, Laser and Point/Infrared Sight, High-quality Suction Cups, Includes 6 Arrows, 1 Bow and 2 Targets

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AGREATLIFE Wooden Bear Slingshot and Whistle5 years and upAppealing Hand-Crafted Design, Compact, Comfortable Grip, Surgical Elastic Bands, Non-Toxic Paint, High Pitch Whistle, Easy to Use, Includes Ammo Pouch

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Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies6-13 yearsCamouflage Style, LCD Display, Long-Range Communication, Crystal Clear Sound, Offers 22 Channels, Optional Keypad Lock, Requires 3 AA Batteries

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Liberty Imports Toy Pump Action Shotgun5 years and upRealistic Design and Texture, Plastic Body, Echo and Reflection Sound Effects, Loading and Ejecting Shell Spring Mechanism, Includes 2 AA Batteries and 4 Shells

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Small Fish Archery Set for Kids

This child-safe archery set from Small Fish encourages adventures both indoors and outdoors. The foldable feature makes this toy lightweight and portable but also increases assembly time which requires adult help.

Consumers have claimed the bow and arrow to be a favorite among children above the age of five, owing to the realistic design and the laser. Unlike most archery sets, the suction cups in the arrows hold up for quite a while on flat, dry surfaces. The adhesive at the back of the targets is strong, but customers don’t have to worry about them leaving behind residue.

While the easy handling and appealing features win you points, many buyers have had problems with durability. Most claim some arrows or strings snapped off after a few uses, while others say the laser did not last that long either.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-toxic and safe for children due to no sharp edges
  • It can be handled easily by children
  • Attractive design including infrared sighting
  • It helps develop hand-eye coordination in growing children


  • Durability is a concern for most buyers due to the lighter ABS and PVC material
  • Laser technology is not up to the mark in some of the sets

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AGREATLIFE Wooden Bear Slingshot and Whistle

No hunting equipment is complete without a traditional slingshot and a handy whistle. This pair from AGREATLIFE may be a little over your budget but stays true to its quality.

The size and weight are perfect for both children and adult use, and it is compact enough to be carried around in a back pocket or zipper jacket. Moreover, the unique and attractive hand-carved design and whistle sound will have your kids clinging to these for quite a long time.

Durability is also granted with the solid wood base and stretchy surgical band. However, you might want to look out for splinters.

Ammo is not included, which has been upsetting for some customers having to turn to softballs, felt balls, or clay balls. However, the immediate and responsible customer service offered by the manufacturer makes up for it.


  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Increases concentration and develops better focus
  • Attractive design packed in eye-catching boxes
  • Good customer service offering refunds and replacements at short notices
  • The rubber strap has good elasticity and lasts longer than most
  • The solid wood design prevents damage and breaks


  • Pricey
  • Ammo has to be bought separately

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Retevis Kids’ Walkie Talkies

These realistic and high-tech walkie-talkies guarantee crystal clear sound even over long ranges, making them fit for camping or other family adventures and suitable to evolve your kids’ survival skills.

Offering up to 22 uninterrupted channels, there is no restriction on how many Retvis walkie-talkies you connect to one. LCD backlit display allows them to be used even in the dark, and the keypad lock can prevent unsupervised use. Adjustable volume level, anti-interference function, and sturdy indispensable build make them perfect for the outdoors.

Unfortunately, multiple available features mean it does take a bit of time to understand the channel connectivity and operation, even with the provided manual.

This makes it difficult for kids below the age of 9 to use. Each pair also requires 6 AA batteries which do not come with the product.


  • Adjustable and clear sound over long distances
  • Has over 22 channels to connect
  • LCD visible in low-light
  • Perfect for outdoor play and adventures
  • Minimal setup and mostly only needs batteries installed


  • Channel connectivity settings are complicated and require multiple steps
  • Kids below the age of 9 cannot operate them on their own

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Sunny Days Entertainment Pump Action Shotgun with Ejecting Shells

If you’re willing to go all the way but are concerned about injuries that may occur from a toy gun, a pump-action shotgun is the best choice for a hunting toy. This 30’’ realistic rifle from Liberty Imports will take away all your worries regarding child safety.

The wood grain color, texture, and size make it stand out as perfect for outdoor pretend play. While the gun does not fire, the reflection and echo sound effects ensure a thrilling time and make for a great costume accessory.

The spring mechanism requires you to load shells (up to 3 at a time) in the chamber, and pulling the trigger ejects them. Being lightweight, children have no problem carrying or running around with it practicing their hunting skills.

Consumers definitely trust their children alone with the toy but feel that the low-quality plastic used as a material for the body makes it prone to damage. A lot of them also have repeated complaints regarding jammed shell chambers and broken barrels.


  • Prioritizes child safety
  • A similar mechanism to real shotguns
  • Echo and reflection sound effects add to the realism
  • Perfect as a prop as well as for pretend play
  • Approved for both indoor and outdoor use without fear of damaging household essentials


  • Shells get jammed pretty often in the chamber
  • Easily broken due to plastic being used as a base material

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A Guide to Buying the Best Hunting Toys for Kids

If you’re still a little confused about what you should be looking for in a hunting toy for your child and scouring the web has not helped much, worry not!

Below are all the parameters you cannot overlook before checking out with your purchase;

Recommended Age

Checking whether the toy is appropriate for your child’s age is just as important as checking expiry dates on edible items. Ignoring this could lead to a small hassle of exchanging the product or even serious hazards like choking on small parts if they are too young for it. To avoid all sorts of trouble, it is better to buy toys for the ages suggested.

Easy to Carry

Most children like to run around and jump about when they play, especially when it’s the outdoors. Thus, the toys you pick should be lightweight and compact enough for them to carry easily. Not only would the kid get tired of the toy quickly if it’s not easy to manage, but it could also lead to accidental injuries if it is too heavy or oversized.

Easy to Operate

The most appealing toys might appear to be high-tech ones with loads of features, but that is not the case with children. They are most certainly fans of light and sound effects, but they also like to do things independently.

It is essential to pick a toy they can operate individually without needing adult supervision and help to set up repeatedly, so they too can feel all grown up on their own adventure.

Customer Ratings

After yourself, the only person you would trust with knowledge about children is another parent. Thus turning to customer ratings and reviews helps you make your decisions smoothly.

These warn you of malfunctions or frauds, point out poor quality materials, talk about their children’s first impressions, inform you about the product’s durability and even mention design flaws that could have been improved. Before adding it to your cart, make sure the product has a high rating and is a popular choice among other parents.

Child Safety

Prioritizing child-safety encapsulates all the features of the product being safe for your child. When picking a hunting toy, you are on thin ice; thus, a detailed check of all the components is necessary before passing it over to your child.

Thankfully, most manufacturers add warning labels regarding small parts, flammable substances, toxic paints, and other risks. Reading user manuals or instructions on packages will ensure your child’s security while they have fun.


The best toys for your little ones are those that make them the happiest on the most boring days, the ones they simply cannot let go of and often miss when they’re not close. Most of their preferences vary with age, but they sure won’t turn down an action-filled day pretending to be great marksmen and hunters.

In the end, parents are the most reliable when it comes to knowing what’s suitable for their kids, so trusting your gut is the way to go.

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