Top 7 Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

The arrival of a new baby into the family is always something worth celebrating, but how do you find the best newborn gift to mark the occasion?

There are so many possible gift ideas out there, all competing for buyers’ attention, it can be difficult to pick the best.

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Here, we have picked seven of the top gifts for new arrivals – mom and dad are sure to be delighted with one of these lovely gifts!

7 Newborn Baby Toys and Gifts we Love!

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1. Mug and Bodysuit Gift Set

Our first new born gift idea is something for the baby as well as for mom and dad – a set of matching baby mugs, a bodysuit, and a bib.

There is a mug each for mom and dad, and they read ‘est. 2020’ underneath – an excellent keepsake for first-time parents. The bodysuit has short sleeves, comes in size 0 – 3 months, and is gray so it’s ideal for boys and girls.

It has the message ‘so the adventure begins’ in a modern font, and the matching bandana bib is gray with arrows on it. This is a lovely gift for the whole family!

2. Twinkletoes Baby Socks

Socks are one of the most popular gifts for everyone, and they can even make a great gift for new babies! These ones come as a pack of four and are made from soft combed cotton material.

There are four different designs included, each with a sweet message on the sole. They come in a gift box so they are perfect for gifting to new parents. This is a gift which is both practical and fun!

3. Johnson’s Tiny Traveler Set

Johnson’s makes some of the best newborn gifts if you’re looking for something practical – their skincare products are loved by parents everywhere. This set comes with five pieces – baby

Head to Toe wash, lotion, wipes, diaper rash cream, and a little bag to carry everything in. It’s ideal for parents to sample the products before committing to a larger size, or if they will be traveling with their baby at a young age.

The bag is splash-proof so it will keep the contents clean and safe inside, and it also has a wrist strap for easy carrying.

4. Wrist and Foot Rattles

Toys can be great new baby gifts, so long as you choose something age-appropriate for newborns. These baby rattles can be worn on the wrists and feet to keep babies occupied even before they can grasp and hit other toys!

They have bright and bold patterns so they are ideal for stimulating babies’ vision from a very early age. They’re also useful in helping babies discover their own hands and feet!

5. Baby Shusher

Perhaps one of the best baby gift ideas for tired new parents is the Baby Shusher – a machine that helps soothe babies to sleep! It can be timed to run for 15 or 30 minutes so there is plenty of time to ensure baby falls asleep.

There is also a volume control so it can be kept at a low volume for others to sleep too. The sound from the machine is a real human voice, so it is familiar and comforting to babies.

It’s a great baby shower gift for new parents – they are sure to thank you for it!

6. Aveeno Baby Essentials

Aveeno is another great brand when it comes to baby skincare products, and this set comes with six lovely products that are gentle on a newborn’s delicate skin.

There is a baby wash and shampoo, a creamy body wash, daily lotion, and lotion for very dry skin.

There are also two products for mom in this set – a daily moisturizer and a lotion with sunscreen. The gift set also comes with a cotton canvas tote for keeping the products in or for shopping.

This is one of the best new gift baskets for moms expecting a baby as it can be used to pamper herself as well as keeping the new arrival’s skin clean, soft, and healthy.

7. Milestone Blanket

The last of our newborn baby gifts is this stunning monthly milestone blanket. It is perfect for taking keepsake photographs to monitor the baby’s growth, and it’s also fleecy and soft for keeping warm at nap-time.

The blanket comes with a ring marker to put around the number to show how old the baby is. The large, 47” x 40” size means the blanket is big enough to accommodate growing babies and can also be used to play on on the floor.

We hope you’ll find these gift ideas useful. Please comment below in case you have some ideas of your own that you’d like to share.

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