Best Maternity Pads – Comfortable Options for New Mommies

Maternity padsOnce you hold your newborn in your arms and are free from all the pregnancy excitement and worry, there will be a new phase for you to deal with.

Along with the joys of motherhood, new moms have responsibilities as well since taking care of an infant is a full-time task.

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To care for your newborn like a responsible mum, you first need to make sure you yourself are comfortable and at as much ease as possible.

Postpartum bleeding can be very heavy in the first few days and can take as much as 3 to 6 weeks to taper off. For this reason, you’ll be needing maternity pads immediately after the birth of your baby.

Although most hospitals do provide maternity pads, those may not be the ideal ones for optimum comfort and usability.

It is advised that you pick out a good brand by yourself well before the delivery, and keep them ready to use.

To ensure your convenience, we have a list of some of the best maternity pads that can help you easily get through this phase.

Focus on your baby without any worry of leaks or other problems with these top rated maternity pads for postpartum bleeding!

Our Top Picks

ProductLengthSpecial Features
Always Maxi Overnight Feminine Pads15 inchesLeakGuard Core, 2 x Larger Back, Two Size Options
Rael Organic Regular Menstrual Pads9.6 inchesCertified Organic Cotton, Ultra Thin and Super Absorbent, Non-Toxic Adhesive, Free From Artificial Chemicals and Additives, Hypoallergenic
Always Maxi Unscented Pads with Wings, Long/Super12.5 inchesLeakGuard Technology With RapidDry Core, 2 x Larger Back
Poise Incontinence Pads, Maximal Absorbency, Long14.3 inches10 x Drier than Period Pads, LeakBlock Sides, ContourFIT Design, Odor Control
Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi PadsLarge (Not Specified)Chlorine-Free Cotton, No-Slip Adhesive
Always Radiant Heavy Flow PadsVariable for Sizes 2 to 5Up to 100% Leak and Odor-Free Protection, Absorb more than 10 x Their Weight, My Fit Sizing Chart, FlexFoam Core
Duchess Cloth Menstrual Pads9 inchesReusable, Double Charcoal Bamboo Layers
Natracare Organic Maternity Pads9.89 inchesUSDA Certified Bio-Based Product, Chlorine-Free

Always Maxi Overnight Feminine Pads with Wings

If you’re looking for a nighttime pad with super absorbency, the Always Maxi Overnight Pads are a great option.

These winged pads have a LeakGuard Core, which means they will attract liquid away from your skin to absorb it in a matter of seconds, ensuring up to 10 hours of overnight protection.

These adhesive overnight pads are available in two sizes, Size 4 and Size 5, which you can choose according to your body type and comfort level.

The broader back of the pads (actually 2 times broader than regular Always pads) is an added feature that makes these pads ideal for nighttime use.

The Flexiwing design helps deflect any potential leakages toward the core, while the added bulk gives a sense of security during days with heavy flow.

The unscented nature of the pads can help you identify any probable infection due to the nature of your discharge.

All these features make these pads a great buy to meet your postpartum feminine hygiene needs.


  • The extra long length and LeakGuard Core for overnight protection (up to 10 hours) from leakage
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Meant for extra heavy flow, hence suitable for use from immediately after birth


  • While the extra bulk provides a sense of security to many postpartum, it gives a suffocating, diaper-like feel to others

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Rael Certified Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads

Rael is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sanitary napkins which are free from any chlorine, bleach, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, pesticide, and fertilizers.

Rael pads are made of safely grown cotton which is OCS and USDA-certified, without any use of artificial chemicals.

This all-natural composition ensures a hypo-allergenic formula that won’t irritate a sensitive skin too! Environment-friendly and skin-friendly, this is a great option if you are on the lookout for an organic range of maternity pads.

These disposable pads originally meant for regular use during menses, can also work great post delivery. Their breathable nature is light on the skin, and their super absorbent layers will keep you dry for hours.

These ultra-thin sanitary napkins come with adhesive wings having non-toxic glue so that they can stay in place and combat leakage. Their leak-proof borders are specialized to save you from discomfort and embarrassment.


  • Ultra-thin, breathable pads for optimum comfort
  • Super absorbent, hence suitable for heavy bleeding post birth
  • Environment-friendly, with non-toxic glue
  • Made of safe, certified, organic Texas-grown cotton
  • Hypoallergenic – won’t cause rashes


  • More expensive than regular pads
  • Few complaints of leakage through the bottom during heavy flow
  • Few complaints of inadequate adhesiveness

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Always Maxi Unscented Pads with Wings, Long/Super

Always Maxi Unscented Long Pads with Wings are another wise choice if you need a superabsorbent method to stay dry after birth.

It can offer up to 8 hours of protection from leakage, thanks to its LeakGuard feature with RapidDry technology that channels liquid away from the edges and towards its core.

The long length is suited to heavy flow, especially post birth. With a comfortable, winged design, these dependable pads can stay in place, so that they’re the last thing on your mind as you go about your daily activities.

The extra bulk can provide a great sense of security to new moms and guards against accidental leakage due to lack of absorbent material.

With their superior comfort and efficient functionality, these Always pads are a consumer’s favorite!


  • Largely sized pads suitable for heavy bleeding post birth
  • Super absorbent
  • Good value for money


  • The bulky style is not comfortable for some users
  • Few complaints of bunching up

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Poise Maximum Absorbency Long Incontinence Pads

Although originally designed for those who suffer from urinary incontinence, it is commonly agreed upon that Poise Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Pads are a great choice for your postpartum hygiene needs, thanks to their long, thick and contoured style.

These specialized pads are specifically designed in accordance with the average woman’s shape – the ContourFIT feature – to provide day-long comfort and protection. T

he pad design is accustomed to movement by being wider in the front and back, while the super-absorbent material makes them 10 times drier than regular period pads, as proven by Fluid Intake Under Pressure Bench Testing in August 2017.

With their 3-in-1 function of protection from dryness, comfort, and odor control, these pads could be an ideal choice for you post birth.


  • Suited for use immediately after birth due to their comfortable contours and bulk


  • Some customers received these in a box that advertises its use as incontinence pads, which can be a cause for embarrassment
  • Issues with packaging and authenticity for some
  • Complaints with the new ContourFit design which has caused leakages for some customers

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Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi Pads

If you’re one of those who can’t stand bulky pads, this one is for you! Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi Pads work great for postpartum bleeding and are environment-friendly as well.

Free from any chlorine residues or chlorinated hydrocarbon residues, these are a good choice for sensitive skin that gets easily irritated.

With the no-slip adhesive that ensures they stay in place, these contoured pads are designed to conform with your body curves to provide an ideal fit. They are individually wrapped for hygienic reasons, and come in a reusable polyethylene package.

The soft, comfortable feel of these Seventh Generation pads with get you through the day with the least of worries about slippage, bunching or leaks.

The hypoallergenic nature will prevent chemical induced rashes for safe use and avoidance of complications.

With a plethora of positive customer reviews, these are a promising purchase that could be well worth the price.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Not overly bulky, but thick enough to be used after 48 hours post birth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from chlorine, fragrance, dioxins, and irritating scents


  • Few complaints of not being breathable enough
  • Not suitable for immediately after birth, or for extra heavy flow, but can be used after a few days post birth

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Always Radiant Heavy Flow Pads

The Always Radiant Pad is a popular option, with the Always Radiant series being well known as having some of the best maternity pads.

Its powerful absorbing features go as far as making it capable of absorbing up to 10 times its weight, hence ideal for use immediately after delivery.

The Always Radiant Heavy Flow pads are up to 100% leak-free and odor-free so that you can be least bothered about any mishaps or stains throughout the day.

You can opt for different sizes as well to suit your needs by referring to the Always My Fit Sizing Chart.

Offering protection for up to 8 hours, these pads have a FlexFoam Core that helps it feel super comfortable by adapting to your shape.

With their light, clean scent, these are one of the top-rated maternity pads that are efficient, comfortable and super absorbent, all in one. Overall, much-recommended products by ladies for postpartum use!


  • Great value for money
  • Breathable, with no unnecessary bulk
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Few complaints of inadequate adhesiveness

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Duchess Cloth Menstrual Pads

DUCHESS CLOTH MENSTRUAL PADSAn authentic eco-friendly option in our list, thanks to its reusable nature! The Duchess Cloth Menstrual Pads are popular for postpartum use as well, especially among moms who are environment enthusiasts and against wastefulness.

These washable pads consist of a double layer of wonderfully comfortable bamboo fiber with super absorbent charcoal that masks stains too. These pads can neutralize odors and are thick enough to deal with heavy flow.

With its pro-environment concept that doesn’t limit its effectiveness, the Duchess Cloth Pad is something many ladies swear by.

The price is good considering its reusability, and this product is definitely worth a try if you feel up to the task of washing and reusing your sanitary napkins for the sake of saving your own money and the environment as well.

These pads come as a 5-pack set so you have plenty of time to wash and dry the ones you’ve used before you run out!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable, so may be cost-effective in the long-term


  • Expensive buy
  • Problems with grip – complaints of sliding
  • Some complaints of leakage during heavy flow

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Natracare Organic Maternity Pads

A USDA-certified bio-based product, the Natracare Organic Maternity Pad Pack is another great eco-friendly option, being disposable but compostable.

These extra-soft, super-long pads along with their packaging are 91% renewable, designed with your convenience as well as the environment’s wellbeing in mind.

Being free from chlorine and GMO, Natracare is one of the top recommended items by gynecologists for female hygiene purposes. Composed of 89% plant-based material and 7% organic cotton, these are 100% plastic free as well.

The long and narrow design is meant to accommodate heavy postpartum flow, as is the thickness for extra bulk and absorbency.


  • Environment-friendly and compostable
  • Free from chemicals and irritants
  • Soft and soothing, especially meant for postpartum use


  • Few complaints of overly stiff pads received
  • Few complaints of damaged, open packages received
  • No wings on the sides
  • Not recommended by some mothers who got stitches after delivery
  • Not individually packed or foldable

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How to Choose the Best Postpartum Pad

It is advised that you give thought to your own needs too while you shop for your baby as your due date comes nearer.

Once your little one is here, it will be all about him/her anyway! Gear up for coming times by choosing the best maternity pads that will protect you against leaks, discomfort, and embarrassment.

If you’re more of a tampon/menstrual cup person, stay warned that those are not advised after birth, since you need to heal down there before you can start inserting anything for bleeding control.

Maxi Pads are the only practical option after birth! Not to scare you, but just to prepare you – expect very heavy bleeding with large clots in the first few days.

If things go well, this will become more moderate in the second-week post birth, and will eventually taper off until the sixth week.

You need to choose your pads accordingly – bulkier, extra absorbent ones for the initial heavy days and lighter ones as the bleeding decreases with time.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing a maternity pad for yourself.


This is an obvious feature you need to pay attention to.

While there are some good quality standard traditional pads that are disposable and comfortable, you can give it more thought.

The average waste generated by a woman who uses disposable pads/plugs etc is 250-300 pounds in a lifetime. This clearly indicates that although some disposable pads may be good for you, they aren’t ideal for the environment.

Cloth pads can be a great buy, but they do come with the added chore of having to wash them after each use.

If you are a superwoman with such a love for eco-friendly products that you can manage washing and reusing pads, we recommend you to go for this kind. Otherwise, organic, biodegradable pads are a good disposable option.


Did you know that 60% of women experience leaks due to pads which are too small?

Each case is unique, and in case of postpartum bleeding, it is recommended that you take pads of varying sizes, since you will need larger, bulkier ones initially for the heavy flow, and since they might seem like too much once you’re done with your first week post birth, smaller, thinner pads will suffice from then on.

Overnight pads that are wider at the back are better suited to sleep positions, while daytime pads are fit for use during activity.

Leak-Proof Features

Look for pads with indented channels in them, which can guide liquid to stay away from the edges. Winged pads are another go-to for heavy days since they protect your underwear from getting dirty at the sides.

Customer Reviews

These can guide you as to which products you should steer clear of, so it’s a good idea to regard any previous complaints about a product which you are planning on buying.

Once you have one of the best maternity pads, you will still need to make sure that you change them frequently to prevent rashes and leakage. The pad will do its work, but even the best ones need to be changed once soaked!

Happy Shopping!

As your due date comes nearer, it’s a busy, exciting time with all the cute baby shopping and last-minute fixes to welcome a new member in your home.

Enjoy these moments while packing your own stuff which you’ll be needing for your hospital stay. We hope things go smoothly, and your little one brings you more joy than you ever imagined!

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