22 Baby Names Meaning Traveler or Adventurer with Meaning & Origin

New parents or parents-to-be often take naming their babies seriously, and for a good reason. Many people still believe that a baby’s name can affect its personality and its chances in life.

If you’re a parent with the wanderlust gene, you might want to increase the chances of your little one growing up to be as adventurous as you.

For starters, you can choose a baby name that means traveler or adventurer. Below are a few ideas with meanings and origin to help you decide.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Traveler or Adventurer

If you’re blessed with a baby girl, here are some names to consider:

1. Saira

This is an Urdu name, mostly prevalent in South Asian countries. It means ‘traveler.’

2. Asra

This pretty word has Arabic origins and a unique meaning – ‘travel at night.’

3. Valentina

Why not name your baby after the first woman ever to travel into space? While the name itself means ‘healthy,’ Valentina Tereshkova is an inspiration for ladies of the world. The name is popular among celebrities, e.g., Salma Hayek, for their own babies.

4. Alma

With Latin origins, the name means ‘independent spirit’ and can be a suitable choice for moms and dads who want to raise fierce little souls.

5. Wanda

Aside from sounding like the word ‘wander,’ the name has Polish origins and literally translates to ‘wanderer.’

6. Beatrix

With origins in English, Late Roman, Hungarian, Dutch, and German languages, Beatrix translates to ‘traveler’ or ‘voyager.’

7. Alissa

The Phoenician name sounds feminine and chic and means ‘wanderer,’ or ‘virgin.’

8. Peregrine

This is a derivative of Peregrinus, a Late Latin name that means ‘traveler.’ Many early saints had this name.

9. Barbara/ Barbie

Moms who are both Barbie fans and travel enthusiasts can give their girls this Greek name, derived from ‘Barbaros,’ meaning ‘wanderer,’ or ‘traveler from a foreign land.’

10. Florence

This Latin word is the name of a major city in Italy and the famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. It means ‘flourishing and prosperous,’ something your girl is bound to be with love for travel.

11. Fara/Farrah

In its English origin, the name ‘Fara’ means ‘travel.’ In Middle Eastern languages, it translates to ‘happiness’ ór ‘joy.’ Either way, it’s a great choice if you want your kid to grow up to be a happy traveler!

Baby Boy Names Meaning Traveler or Adventurer

If your new arrival is a boy, here are some popular adventurous baby names to consider:

1. Polo

This chic name isn’t just a horseback game or a T-shirt style. With Tibetian origins, it translates to ‘brave wanderer.’

2. Rover

As NASA’s ‘Rover’ explores Mars, this name can be the ultimate choice for adventure lovers. It’s not just a famous dog name anymore. Having English roots, it means ‘wanderer’ or ‘traveler.’

3. Christopher

Why not name your baby after the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus? Moreover, St. Christopher is said to be the patron saint of travelers, so it’s a good choice with Greek origins.

4. Wendell

Meaning ‘wanderer,’ ‘seeker,’ or ‘traveler,’ this German word is a popular boys’ name among adventure-loving parents.

5. Somerled

Literally translating to ‘summer journey,’ the unique name is underused and original, with Scandinavian origins. It was the name of a famous Scottish warlord in the 12th century.

6. Noah

A timeless name, ‘Noah’ is often used by religious parents who want to name their boys after Prophet Noah. Others use it because of its translation, ‘wandering.’

7. Geoffrey

Geoffrey, or Jeffrey, is an English name with multiple meanings, one of them being ‘traveler.’

8. Cain

Derived from ancient Hebrew, this name has recently become popular, especially in Ireland. It translates to ‘wandering spirit.’

9. Forest

For fans of the movie Forrest Gump, this can be the ideal choice. It’s also good enough as a general outdoorsy name with French origin, meaning ‘woodsman’ or ‘woods.’

10. Everest

This one has serious adventurer vibes, being derived from the name of the world’s tallest mountain. Meaning ‘courageous like a boar,’ it’s a unisex name and can be used for girls as well.

11. Kymani

This unique name rose in popularity when Bob Marley used it for one of his sons. Translating to ‘adventurous traveler,’ it originates from East African language.

We hope you now have enough choices to give your little adventurer the perfect name. Happy parenting!

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